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The process of healing through Intuartiv Expression

The process of painting intuitively and incorporating essential oils continues to amaze me. It's fascinating how the colors and oils are chosen intuitively, with eyes shut, and how the resulting images provide a translation of the emotions being released.

To begin, I set up my painting materials, including a canvas laid flat instead of on an easel. With my eyes shut, I intuitively selected two paint colors: royal blue and black, which are not typically colours I work with. I also intuitively picked two Doterra oils.

The first oil I chose was Blue Tansy, which is known as the oil of inspired action. Interestingly, I dislike the smell of this oil, but it holds significance for me. Blue Tansy, a blue-colored oil from a bright yellow flower, helps release procrastination, resistance to change, and lack of inspiration. It supports those who feel stagnant, which resonated with me as I hadn't painted in over a year. I added Blue Tansy to the blue paint, a logical choice based on its properties.

The second oil I selected was Cassia, which has a similar scent to cinnamon, another oil I tend to avoid due to its smell. Cassia is the oil of self assurance releasing insecurity, and lack of worth (Bingo! My two biggest negatives and no wonder I don’t like the smell, these feelings go very deep. Cassia helps dissipate fear and helps take the leap despite the fear of making mistakes. It allows one to allow their gifts to shine.. I added Cassia to the black paint. The process of painting intuitively and with essential oils never ceases to blow my mind. The way colours are chosen, the oils I intuitively pick (eyes shut), and the images that appear. The oils give me a translation of the emotions being released.

I laid out my paints, opened my essential oil cases (I have over 80 oils…) and laid my canvas down, I prefer to work flat than on an easel sometimes.

Next I intuitively chose 2 paint colours, eyes shut, which turned out to be a royal blue and black (these are never colours I work with!), and 2 Doterra oils, (Again eyes shut)

Doterra essential oils
I chose Blue tansy and cassia

Now the meaning of these oils ties in pretty well with what I painted:

a painting of creative expression
Imprisoned by fear

I interpreted the black squiggles and round ball as representing the fear that keeps me imprisoned, like old beliefs we carry around. It became evident how the chosen oils supported this interpretation

When painting, the goal is to allow intuition to guide, rather than overthinking. The brush leads the way, allowing the head to follow, rather than the other way around.

The initial layers can be challenging, particularly for those new to painting. The first layer often feels static and heavy, and the mind can play tricks, bringing up fears of making mistakes (which resonated with the Cassia oil) and uncertainty about the direction. However, it does become easier with time.

For the second layer, I used white, yellow, and orange paints, along with Eucalyptus oil and once again, Blue Tansy. Interestingly, I found that I actually loved the smell of Blue Tansy in the paint, as opposed to diffusing it.

Doterra essential oils
Bleu tansy and eucalyptus

The addition of Eucalyptus oil in my second layer initially surprised me, as it is known as the oil of wellness. However, upon reflection, it made sense given my ongoing struggle with sinusitis and the associated dizzy spells. Eucalyptus oil is beneficial for releasing feelings of imprisonment, which ties in with the theme of my first layer. The choice of Eucalyptus oil in the painting process seemed to align with my physical and emotional well-being at the time. It's fascinating how the intuitive selection of oils can resonate with our personal experiences and support our healing journey.

An orange and red creative expession painting
Whirlwinds and tournadoes

This came through as whirlwinds and tornados, something whisking up, and then felt drawn to adding a third oil and colour…

Doterra essential oils Roman Chamomile
Roman Chamomile was added to purple paint

I continued to paint intuitively, allowing the process to unfold naturally. The next oil that intuitively came to me was Roman chamomile, and it was added to the purple paint. As I made this connection, I was astonished by the synchronicity of it all. Roman chamomile is known as the oil of spiritual purpose, and it perfectly aligned with the purple color I had chosen. This revelation reaffirmed the power of this intuitive process, where the oils and colors seamlessly weave together to tell a story.

Roman chamomile oil has the ability to bring focus to our spiritual purpose, helping us let go of distractions and anything that no longer serves us. It quiets the ego mind and connects us with our earthly mission. The inclusion of this oil in my painting journey was a clear sign that I was being guided towards aligning with my true purpose.

This discovery inspired me to add another layer to my painting, incorporating more colors. Each stroke of the brush and choice of color was made intuitively, following the guidance of my soul and the oils that resonated with me. The painting was taking on a life of its own, capturing the essence of my personal journey and inner transformation.

Ginger, Grapefruit and Terrashield essential oils

As my painting journey continued, I was drawn to incorporate more oils and colors into the artwork. Ginger, the oil of empowerment, was intuitively chosen and added to the canvas. Ginger oil supports the process of letting go of victimhood and taking full responsibility for one's life. It encourages us to commit to our purpose and embrace our personal power.

Another oil that came into the picture was Grapefruit. Initially, I didn't fully grasp its significance, but upon reflection, I realized its message. Grapefruit oil is associated with accepting one's physical body as it is. It promotes self-love and body acceptance. Since I have always had a positive relationship with my body and don't engage in dieting, this oil served as a reminder to continue honoring and appreciating my physical form.

Terrashield, a remarkable oil known for its mosquito-repelling properties, also made its way into my painting. Symbolically, Terrashield represents the creation of healthy boundaries. This oil is especially beneficial for empaths who often absorb others' energies. It reminded me of the importance of setting boundaries to protect my own energy and well-being.

Each oil and color choice revealed deeper layers of meaning and guidance throughout my painting process. It was a testament to the power of intuition and how the oils, in harmony with the colors, helped me tap into my inner wisdom and journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Creative expression painting
Wings of a butterfly

The appearance of a butterfly in my painting brought forth a profound realization. With the oils I had chosen, I strongly sensed a resistance towards accepting my own butterfly wings, representing personal growth and transformation. It was as if I was unconsciously pushing away the very essence of my own potential and beauty. This revelation highlighted the incredible significance of the chosen oils and their ability to enrich the interpretation of the painting. The oils provided a deeper understanding and insight, allowing the artwork to convey a story that would have been entirely different without their presence.

The profound meanings associated with each oil choice, made intuitively during the painting process, showcased the remarkable impact they had on the overall narrative. The oils acted as catalysts, unveiling hidden emotions and messages that would have remained hidden otherwise. They brought a new dimension to the painting, turning it into a vibrant and meaningful expression of my inner journey.

The combination of intuition, colors, and essential oils created a powerful symbiosis, allowing for a more profound interpretation of the artwork. It emphasized how these oils can serve as guides, revealing hidden aspects of ourselves and helping us connect with our deepest emotions and experiences. Truly, the oils played a pivotal role in unraveling the painting's true story, reminding us of the interconnectedness between our inner world and the creative process.

Doterra essential oils turn your creation from a book into a film!!

Doterra essential oils
Blue tansy, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tangerine

I couldn't help but burst into laughter myself! It truly is incredible how, with eyes shut, the oils and paints align so perfectly. The oils of Blue Tansy, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Tangerine, harmonizing effortlessly with the colors of turquoise blue, purple, pale green, and orange. The synchronicity is undeniable, and it never fails to amaze me. It's as if the universe conspires to create a beautiful symphony of scents and colors in perfect harmony. It's moments like these that remind us of the magic and wonder that exist within the creative process.

And there it was, the eye, ears, and nose painted on the canvas, representing the senses and their deep connections. The synchronicity of this imagery brought forth a burst of laughter as it aligned perfectly with the retreat I am creating in a French gite called the "Gite of the 5 senses" and our language coaching retreat that focuses on engaging the senses. It was a delightful confirmation that I am indeed on the right path.

With a sense of liberation and celebration, I unleashed my creativity and indulged in painting with my favorite colors, turquoise and violet. It was a joyous expression of the true essence of myself.

The power of this process cannot be overstated. It reveals hidden blockages, surprises us with unexpected insights, and serves as a gateway to the depths of our souls. Painting without the oils is like reading a book, where we interpret the story on our own. But when the oils are incorporated, it transforms into a vivid film, providing us with a profound context and translation of our artistic creation.

During our sessions, we explore the interpretations together. I share the meanings of the oils and colors, and then you delve into your own layers of creation to derive personal insights. This process becomes a coaching session, shifting emotions and illuminating areas of your life that may be blocking your progress. After the session, you take home your creation and receive samples of the oils, allowing you to continue the transformative journey by incorporating them into your daily life.

If you are curious to learn more about Intuartiv Expression, I invite you to join our Facebook group or visit our website. To discover the wonders of Doterra oils, you can find more information here


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