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The process of healing through Intuartiv Expression

The process of painting intuitively and with essential oils never ceases to blow my mind. The way colours are chosen, the oils I intuitively pick ( eyes shut), and the images that appear. The oils give me a translation of the emotions being released

I laid out my paints, opened my essential oil cases (I have over 80 oils…) and laid my canvas down, I prefer to work flat than on an easel sometimes.

Next I intuitively chose 2 paint colours, eyes shut, which turned out to be a royal blue and black ( these are never colours I work with!), and 2 Doterra oils, (Again eyes shut). The first was Blue Tansy, the oil of inspired action, and one I absolutely HATE the smell of. The first time I smelt this oil I almost vomited, although my daughters tell me it smells like blueberry muffins! This oil is blue in colour and helps release procrastination, resistance to change and lack of inspiration, and helps those who have become stagnant. No surprise there then when I haven’t painted in over a year! I put Blue Tansy into the blue paint which felt pretty logical!

The second oil I intuitively picked was Cassia, which is similar to cinnamon, another oil I really avoid due to its smell . Cassia is the oil of self assurance releasing insecurity, and lack of worth ( bingo! My two biggest negatives and no wonder I don’t like the smell, these feelings go very deep, I think I will start working with this oil during Autumn when its heady smell is easier to take in). Cassia helps dissipate fear and helps take the leap despite the fear of making mistakes. It allows one to allow their gifts to shine. Cassia went into the black paint.

Now the meaning of these oils ties in pretty well with what I painted:

Imprisoned by fear

Now this I read as wanting to bloom but fear is imprisoning me. And the two oils certainly back this up! I see now those black squiggles with the round ball as a ball and chain holding me back, like the old beliefs we drag around with us.

Remember when we paint ,the idea is not to think, but just paint as you feel, as your soul tells you. The brush leads the head, and not the other way round! 

The first layers are often the most difficult in some ways, they feel the most static and heavy especially if you are not used to painting. In the first layer your mind plays tricks on you, bringing up fears of making mistakes (Cassia oil!!), of not knowing where you are going. It DOES get easier!

My second layer consisted of white, yellow and orange with oils of Eucalyptus and and again blue tansy. Now funnily enough I actually LOVED the smell of Blue Tansy in the paint as to diffusing it!

Bleu tansy and eucalyptus

Now I was quite surprised to see Eucalyptus at first, the oil of wellness, but then I have been suffering from sinusitis for a while now, which was giving me dizzy spells, so in fact this figures! It also releases negative feelings of imprisonment so there ties in with my first layer!

Whirlwinds and tournadoes

This came through as whirlwinds and tornados, something whisking up, and then felt drawn to adding a third oil and colour…

Roman Chamomile was added to purple paint

Roman chamomile , the oil of spiritual purpose, omg just realised this was added to purple!! You just can’t make this up! All these oils are chosen, remember with eyes closed, and paint colours chosen within seconds. No second guessing nor changing. This incredible oil gets us focussed totally on our spiritual purpose, allowing us to drop the distractions, and all that doesn’t serve. It quietens the ego mind and brings us right into our earth mission.

Do you see how all this follows like a story? If we call, I started in imprisonment of fear . The oils are showing me the way, whilst the colours show where I am.

This led to a further layer and more colours:

Ginger, Grapefruit and Terrashield essential oils

Ginger the oil of empowerment, letting go of the victim and taking full responsibility for one’s life, committing to one’s purpose. Grapefruit, accepting one’s physical body as it is…(I didn’t get this until after the painting, as I do not diet, and am at ease with my body) Terrashield, (an amazing all for repelling mosquitos), the oil for creating boundaries, amazing for empaths who absorb others’ energies…

Wings of a butterfly