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Emotional clearing 
with Emotion Code 

Free Yourself From The Past.
Release Emotional Baggage.
Identify Your Subconscious Blocks
Heal Without Re-Living The Pain.

Back by popular demand, 3 session package. Buy now, book in when you feel. Valid for 12 months

Reviews from clients (you can find more here)

"My session with you was epic. It helped me to see some things that I had placed in the back of my mind from years ago. Things that were holding me back from my childhood. It was definitely a breakthrough and a blessing. You were so on point with how you analysed where I am and the input that you gave me to express myself. I feel so free and balanced now with not so much of a burden on my heart. I would recommend Nicky to any and everyone.” A.T, Cincinnati, U.S.

"Yes the clarity for writing has to be the EC. Not just my writing, Nicky, but my eating habits, too. I am still experiencing intense physical pain (but other things are changing - things I've been trying to change for years - have just changed effortlessly. I've not experienced anything like it before"

" I had a session with Nicky and it was amazing. I could feel the emotion blocks actually being lifted. I was so calm and for the next few days and there have already been automatic changes in my thinking and decision making. Things in my life have already shifted this week. I can’t wait to see what’s to come." M.S.

Image by Christopher Campbell

Do you feel:

  • ​Stuck

  • Unable to move forwards

  • Feel like the same lessons keep coming round 

  • Unclear, unsure


Or do you suffer from any of these?

  • Weight issues

  • Fear

  • Physical, emotional or mental pain

  • Lack of concentration

  • Abundance issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Sleep problems

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Phobias

Emotion Code offers a transformative solution for all these challenges. Did you know that over 90% of disease, illness, and mental and emotional issues stem from trapped emotions? The good news is that these emotions can be released. When we fail to address negative emotions, they become trapped in our bodies, burdening us over time. Picture carrying football-sized weights (representing trapped emotional energy) around your ankles, in your pockets, and on your back—how burdensome that would feel!

Emotion Code's approach involves using muscle testing to pinpoint these emotions and their origins, whether from this life, past lives, generational inheritance, or even absorbed in the womb. Once identified, I will release them during our online sessions conducted via Zoom. The results can be incredibly powerful, with many issues often resolved in just one session.

Don't let trapped emotions weigh you down any longer—experience the liberating effects of Emotion Code now!

So what are the benefits of releasing these emotions?

Benefits include:

  • Feeling lighter

  • More clarity

  • Negative repetitive cycles broken

  • Physical, emotional and mental pain reduced

  • Stress and anxiety reduced

  • Generational issues released

Don't let trapped emotions weigh you down any longer—experience the liberating effects of Emotion Code now!

Emotion Code is also offered as part of my membership programs. If you're thinking of having regular sessions, take a look at the programs available where you'll have the opportunity to have free monthly sessions as part of the package.

The Heart wall

During difficult moments, it's common for our subconscious to construct a protective energetic wall around our hearts, shielding ourselves from further pain. This wall, though intangible to the physical senses, is very real to the mind, serving its purpose of safeguarding the heart. If we allow it to persist,however, this defensive barrier can impede the free flow of love to and from the heart, making it challenging to form meaningful relationships and connections. Our subconscious mind builds this wall based on emotions, representing it with various materials, from plastic to water, candyfloss to wool, and varying in thickness from 1 cm to thousands of kilometers. Fear and specific situations often determine the material of this wall.

But here's the good news – we can work on dismantling this wall. By first identifying its material, which is usually linked to fears or specific experiences, we can proceed to eliminate the associated emotions and break down the barrier.

The benefits of clearing the heart wall are numerous:

  • Enhanced connections with others

  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships

  • Improved connection skills

  • The ability to form deeper romantic partnerships

  • Increased compassion and empathy

If you're intrigued by the idea of breaking down these emotional barriers and experiencing the positive changes that follow, check out this great post by Bradley Nelson, the creator of The Emotion Code

Are you curious to learn more about this transformative process? Feel free to reach out and connect with me to discover how this could positively impact your life.

If you would like to become a certified Emotion Code practitioner you can join up here (affiliate link)



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