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Doterra Essential oils
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The magic of essential oils

Essential oils play a huge part in my life, and always have done, in the area of household cleaning, to health and wellness and of course diffusing in the air.

Being a kinaesthetic person, needing to touch and feel, I was looking for something physical, tangible to bring into Energy & Emotion and DoTERRA oils were an obvious choice  helping the release of negative emotions and re-balancing the mind, body and spirit as well as using aromas to inspire in art workshops.

For along time I tried to work out just what makes the difference with these oils, and just why when I pick up my old essential oils the feeling is just not the same. 

And I realised it is the energy of them, their vibration. Their vibration is through the roof. Indeed I have given a bottle of rose oil to hold to people and they have felt so much love that they cried, just by HOLDING the bottle!!

But why do these oils possess such a remarkable high vibration?

It all stems from the love and care infused into every step of their creation. From sourcing the plants and tending to the land, to collaborating directly with the people involved, and the meticulous cultivation and extraction processes, the journey of these oils is imbued with love. Love, being the highest vibration of emotion, permeates these oils, with rose oil holding the highest vibration among them.

So why is this emphasis on high vibration so crucial? Well, if you simply seek to use lavender oil for a burn, a generic essential oil from a local pharmacy might suffice. However, if your intention is to experience emotional transformation, elevate your own vibration, and achieve profound and lasting changes, then you must seek oils that align with those intentions.

It's akin to opting for cheap food merely to satisfy hunger versus choosing high-quality nourishment that truly fuels your body for optimal health.

For those engaged in energy healing, spiritual practices, conscious health choices, personal development, or seeking to address inner obstacles, incorporating high vibrational oils becomes essential. If you are familiar with the concepts of 5D and 3D, these oils embody the 5D realm, while the oils found on mainstream shelves primarily operate within the confines of the 3D physical realm. As for my intuitive painting workshops, I can personally attest that these oils have the power to provoke emotional shifts and facilitate profound experiences.

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DoTERRA, which signifies "gift of the earth," provides pure, therapeutic grade oils that are cultivated on completely chemical-free lands. Their CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) certification ensures the protection of the natural chemical composition of the plants, without any need for alterations. Any oils that fail the rigorous testing for pesticides or foreign matter are rejected, and no additional processing takes place apart from careful distillation. These aromatic extracts adhere to the highest standards of purity. For further information on Doterra oils and purchasing details, kindly visit the provided link. You can also directly visit my Website here

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