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Who is Nicky Howard?

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Nicky Howard's journey has taken her from her birthplace in Leicester, England to fulfilling her childhood dream of living in France since 2001. Nestled in the heart of Charente, she resides with her husband, eight cats, six ducks, and a thriving community of bees. Along the winding road of her life, Nicky has encountered diverse experiences that have shaped her into the creative and intuitive person she is today.

Initially trained as a medical biochemist, Nicky worked in hospital and research laboratories, seemingly a far cry from her current creative pursuits. However, this contrasting background provided her with a balanced perspective on life and a profound understanding of what she didn't want. Transitioning to her role as a language coach for French adults learning English, she discovered a true sense of purpose. Helping people overcome their fears and barriers became her passion, fostering valuable coaching skills and a deep understanding of the human mind and language acquisition.

In 2011, Nicky embarked on her Reiki journey, which culminated in her becoming a Reiki Master in 2013. This spiritual path became a catalyst for her own awakening, leading her to explore the realm of energy and emotion. In 2016, she became an Emotion Code practitioner, further solidifying the foundation of her work.

Driven by her passion for essential oils and their profound emotional benefits, Nicky joined Doterra in 2017. Immersed in their high-quality oils and their transformative power, she became an Aromatouch practitioner in 2018, delving deeper into the healing potential of aromatic therapies.

Art and creativity have always been integral to Nicky's life since a young age. Through her journey, she discovered her unique gift for creating healing art, which culminated in the birth of Intuartiv Expression in 2021.

Nicky's diverse experiences, from the scientific realm to language coaching, energy healing, and artistic expression, have shaped her into a holistic practitioner who is dedicated to guiding others on their paths to authenticity and alignment.

Creator of IntuARTiv Expression

Creator of Emotiv Boards

Self taught intuitive artist

Certified Emotion Code practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher

Emotional and IntuARTiv Expression Coach

Doterra Wellness Advocate

Certified Aromatouch practitioner

English Language Coach and trainer 

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