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About me

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Creator of IntuARTiv Expression

Creator of Emotiv Boards

Self taught intuitive artist

Certified Emotion Code practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher

Emotional and IntuARTiv Expression Coach

Doterra Wellness Advocate

Certified Aromatouch practitioner

English Language Coach and trainer 

A little about me!

I was born in Leicester, England and since 2001 I have lived in France (my childhood dream) with my husband and Divine Partner, our 8 cats and 7 ducks, in the heart of Charente. My journey to where I am now has been a long and winding road with so many interesting stop-off points along the way.

In the UK I trained as a medical biochemist, working in hospital and research laboratories! SO far from the creative person I am now! In fact the total opposite,  but that I guess helped me understand the human body and gave me balance of logic to my intuitive brain.

​Moving to France I became a language coach for the French learning to speak English which I did for over 12 years in an incredible alternative, forward thinking language training school. This is where I truly found myself, I have never seen it as work, simply yet another way to help people release their fears and blocks. It gave me valuable coaching experience and knowledge of how we acquire languages as well as understanding the power of the mind.

In 2011 My reiki journey started and in 2013 I became a REIKI master, which I see as a spiritual path and my own spiritual awakening. It led me onto the path of becoming an Emotion Code practitioner in 2016, and the basis of my work began to take form, that of energy and emotion.

In 2017 I joined Doterra, fuelled by my passion for essential oils and their emotional benefits, and was astounded by the power, quality vibration of their oils. I became an Aromatouch practitioner in 2018.
Art and creativity has always been part of my life from an early age, and through my path I realised that I was creating healing art, and in 2021 I truly birthed Intuartiv Expression.

For a long time, I wondered just how I could combine all that I do. What IS the connection. I found it. Language.

And so, the multiple paths converge together to become a coach, facilitator and trainer for Languages of the Mind, Body, and Soul!

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