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The power of Emotional release

Anger Guilt Sadness Heartache Insecurity Grief Worry Anxiety Lost Panic Terror Shock Shame How did you feel reading those words? Read them once more and feel that emotion within you. Now do the same with these: Love Joy Laughter happiness Welcoming Hope Gratitude Inspired Amused Empowered Blissful Now how did you feel? Where did you feel these emotions? Did they feel light or heavy? What came up for you? My guess is that the first row felt heavy and the second row much lighter. EMOTION = ENERGY IN MOTION This is because emotions are essentially energy, and just like everything else, they vibrate at different speeds. Negative emotions vibrate at a lower speed, resulting in a feeling of heaviness, while positive emotions vibrate at a higher speed, creating a lighter sensation. You might have experienced this as saying "I feel low" or "I am on a high"!

When we feel an emotion, we are sensing the vibration of that energy. However, what happens when we go through challenging periods in our lives? During these times, we may become more sensitive, and negative emotions can become trapped in our energy field. I visualize these trapped emotions as balls of energy vibrating at different speeds. When they remain trapped, they can disrupt the matrix of our energy field, leading to physical pain, illness, or emotional issues.

It's fascinating to observe that many physical ailments or accidents often trace back to a negative situation or emotion experienced before them. These physical signs, such as pain, act as signals from our bodies, indicating that something needs to be addressed.

If we haven't fully processed and dealt with an emotion in the past (perhaps we buried it to keep moving forward), it will eventually make its way through our energy field until it manifests physically. I have witnessed remarkable transformations during my sessions of Emotion Code. For instance, One client had a pain in her arm and shoulder for over 15 years and had tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture but nothing relieved it. In one session of Emotion Code the pain had gone. Another client who sprained her ankle in two places could walk without crutches after releasing trapped emotions. Another client who had lost feeling in her leg due to back pain experienced the return of sensations in just one session. Before reaching for a painkiller, it's worth pausing and reflecting on why the pain exists. Pain doesn't arise without reason. If ten people of equal fitness perform a movement and only two get injured, there is often a connection to their state of mind.

Holding onto negative emotions weighs us down. As mentioned earlier, they feel heavier because they genuinely are heavier. It's like going through life with heavy weights chained to our ankles or running with weights on our back. These emotions also cloud our perception of life, acting as filters that make it easier for us to feel the trapped emotion more intensely (e.g., trapped anger leading to more frequent outbursts).

In my Emotion Code sessions, I identify the trapped emotions and the age at which they were trapped. Some emotions go back to birth, prior to birth, in the womb, and others are passed down through the generations. I have also encountered emotions carried from past lives. Once we identify the age of the trapped emotion, which often holds significance for the individual, we can release it. In most cases, there is relief, and sometimes the pain completely disappears. If there is no relief, I often explore what may be holding the person back from finding relief, such as negative beliefs, which we also address. Clients often feel lighter after a session, as we have effectively removed weights from their energy field that they may have carried for years. Their lives also appear clearer, being able to see ahead with more clarity or make imortant decisions more easily. Endless cycles that we findourselves in finally stop.

If you'd like to learn more about Emotion Code, click here for further information.

Here are a few testimonials from some clients: Omg!. I think you have fixed me! From not being able to even put my foot lightly on the floor… I can now walk on it. OK, so it still hurts à little, but I’ve just walked across the room with no support and no crutches!!! The swelling has decreased loads!!Yesterday and this morning it was horrific! (Before EC). Although long periods of walking are not great yet… the improvement is amazing” Lucy C. I had a session with Nicky last week and it was amazing. I could feel the emotion blocks actually being lifted. I was so calm and for the next few days and there have already been automatic changes in my thinking and decision-making. Things in my life have already shifted this week. I can’t wait to see what’s to come. M.S. I am so blessed to have been able to experience the Emotion code and distance healing – It absolutely blew my mind as to how you could connect to my energy, heal my inner pain as well as my physical (“Yes the clarity for writing has to be the EC. Not just my writing, Nicky, but my eating habits, too. I am still experiencing intense physical pain (but other things are changing – things I’ve been trying to change for years – have just changed effortlessly. I’ve not experienced anything like it before; Sarah B.

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