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The Power of Emotion Code: Understanding the Transformative Process

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Woman carrying emotional baggage
Carrying emotional baggage?

Emotion Code has shown its impressive effectiveness, as evident from the reviews I've received. But what exactly happens during a session? Let me illustrate with an example involving a client, whom I'll call Jenny.

Jenny's Issue: Jenny came to me with a specific problem—she experienced anxiety while traveling to the airport, especially during the lead-up to the flight. Her anxiety was linked to a strong need for control, which caused her considerable distress. Together, we focused on addressing the emotions responsible for her travel-related anxiety.

During the session, a fascinating phenomenon occurs. As I identify the emotions tied to an issue, I often receive images from past or parallel lives. In Jenny's case, I was shown a vivid image of a small plane crash in a tropical jungle. It was as if I could feel the emotions of the pilot, who turned out to be Jenny in that past life. She carried tremendous guilt and grief over the passenger's death, as the passenger wrongly believed the crash was his fault. Releasing these emotions brought about a significant shift, lifting the grief from Jenny's past self.

Remarkably, despite initial success, Jenny's anxiety resurfaced about six months later, making her feel nauseous with anxiety. Just before addressing these emotions, I heard the phrase, "Please be gentle with me," which left me perplexed at first. Nonetheless, we continued the session and explored emotions rooted in a past life experience.

In this exploration, I was shown the same plane scene again, but this time it led to a military hangar. There, Jenny, as the pilot, faced a tough decision. She knew the plane had problems and was hesitant to fly it due to the risks involved. However, she was ordered by the military to transport a diplomat who urgently needed medical help. This passenger was bound by secrecy, putting the blame on Jenny, not the plane, in case of any accident.

military plane
My client had a past life as a miliatry pilot

We continued the session, leading to a powerful breakthrough. The timeline of events changed, and I witnessed the pilot in tears on the tarmac, refusing to fly the compromised plane. Jenny's past self stood her ground against military and government officials, refusing to compromise her intuition and instinct.

After the session, Jenny experienced a profound sense of relief and lightness. Her anxiety concerning flying and travel had dissipated. This case represents a typical and remarkable outcome in Emotion Code sessions.

Emotion Code often reveals patterns and cycles that transcend past lives and generations. These cycles can persist until they are addressed and cleared. Often, we are unaware of these patterns as we focus solely on present circumstances and triggers, unaware of the larger picture at play.

Emotion Code's strength lies in its ability to surface and address cycles and emotions beyond our conscious awareness. Through regular sessions, layers upon layers of emotional baggage can be released. While some issues may clear in one session, deeper and more complex ones may require more time and exploration to reach the root cause. This healing process allows the body to recalibrate and release stored emotions, paving the way for profound transformation.

In conclusion, Emotion Code's incredible potential empowers individuals like Jenny to achieve emotional healing and liberation from burdens carried across time. Its transformative effects shed light on the intricacies of our emotional experiences throughout our existence.

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