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A Transformative Journey: Healing Emotions with Essential Oils

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A woman in nature
feeling isolated, betrayed

Every two weeks, a friend and I engage in essential emotions sessions, where we delve into the emotions that have surfaced during that time and release them using essential oils. This week's session proved to be particularly powerful.

Over the past few weeks, we had been discussing a sense of not being seen, feeling invisible in our respective lives. My friend, Kate, brought up the topic of betrayal from peers. Initially, I didn't connect with this emotion, but as we continued our conversation, a vivid memory flashed before me. It was from my childhood, around the age of 8, when I experienced bullying. A girl in my class turned everyone against me, except for one boy. They would purposefully ignore me during games of hide and seek, leaving me hidden until I eventually emerged, only to discover that they were playing their own games with her. She would even take my pens and rulers from my desk. I admired her drawing skills and longed to be like her, hoping it would grant me friends. But it didn't. This torment continued for a couple of years.

Around five years ago, I contacted her on Facebook, expressing forgiveness for what she had done. She responded with relief, admitting to being jealous of my loving family and holidays, as she had lost her parents' affection after her brother's death from leukemia. I genuinely believed that I had done the necessary work to move past this, but evidently, there was more to address. This memory triggered a surge of emotions, revealing how this experience shaped my life. Betrayal seemed to permeate my relationships, and I constantly felt inadequate whenever others excelled, particularly those in similar professional fields. I often felt threatened by those who were better than me and became a people pleaser, fearing that standing up for myself would result in losing friendships or affection.

Turmeric essential oi
DOTERRA Turmeric oil

To understand the emotion of betrayal more deeply, we consulted the Essential Emotions book, my reference guide and discovered Turmeric as one of the recommended oils. Interestingly, we had already discussed its benefits as an anti-inflammatory at the beginning of the session. As I read the description, it resonated completely with how I was feeling. Inhaling the aroma of the oil, I found myself visualizing a scene from my childhood—me alone, playing Jacks in the school playground while she was surrounded by friends. As I continued to breathe in the oil and explore how this dynamic played out in my life, something shifted. The scent of the oil transformed. It was no longer dry and earthy; it became rounded and smooth. Then, the remarkable shift happened. The image in my mind changed entirely. I was no longer alone; I was now surrounded by people, including her. It became impossible to see the old scenario. The timeline had shifted! I shall be intrigued to see hwo this plays out in my life from now on, and shall be diffusing the oil daily to release more emotions.

Turmeric oil is the oil of restoration and has powerful proprties that reach damaged or blocked aspects of the self to restore what has been temporarily lost. turmeric is a powerful antidote for those who feel paralyzed by the inheritant dangers of life or by the loss of function or freedom they once took for granted. it is particularly beneficial when one feels weighed down due to personal tragedies or loss of confidence in ablilties. Dotrra turmeric also assists those who struggle against systemic barriers such as prejuduce, bias and racism by hemping indivuduals recognise diocordant or damaging messages and sitinguish them from the truth. It imbues the soul with courage and lends the strength to turn what seemlike unconqerable obstacles into navigable paths.

This experience demonstrates the profound impact that essential oils can have on our emotions and memories. Through intentional use and deep exploration, we can unravel and transform long-held patterns. The power of essential oils combined with emotional healing work opens up new possibilities for creating a more empowering and fulfilling life.

Essential Emotions Coaching creates shifts! if you would like to know more, hop over to foir more information.



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