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I was able to benefit from Nicky's skills during an Aromatouch experience with essential oils. It was an exceptional moment of sweetness, release, relaxation. In short, a pure moment of pleasure that I recommend to all those who need to disconnect and free their minds. Thanks again Nicky

A soothing Aromatic journey to release, rebalance and reharmonise

Over the events of the last couple of years we have all realised the benefit of touch, and just how much we need physical contact. When something has been denied from us we appreciate its true value and this is certainly the case for touch.
There is nothing more relaxing than having a moment for you, cocooned in warmth, receiving the benefit of the touch of hands and the power of essential oils applied to skin.

The AromaTouch technique applies essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. This technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors, and supports healthy nervous system function. It is not a massage, but a technique that is a relaxing method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils topically to produce a profound whole-body experience.

​​What is the AromaTouch® Technique?

The Aroma Touch Technique is a simple, yet powerful way of providing every individual with an essential oils experience. The Aroma Touch Technique was developed to manage four systemic constraints: stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance. This technique addresses common negative factors that influence health and helps the body to return to a state of homeostasis using 8 essential oils along the spine and bottom of your feet.


An Aromatic journey into deep relaxation and aromatic bliss! 

The AromaTouch Technique is a session that combines wonderfully aromatic yet clinically based selection of doTERRA essential oils with a specific application. During this treatment essential oils are applied along the energy meridians to:

• balance the nervous system

• reduce emotional stressors

• reduce physical discomfort

• support the immune system

The entire session uses the highest quality essential oils in the world - doTERRA's CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils. 

The AromaTouch Technique was developed by doTERRA's Chief Medical Advisor Dr. David K. Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils. The AromaTouch Technique focuses on balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body by applying essential oils along the energy meridians and contact points of the back and feet that relate to key organs and body systems. We use a gentle approach and application of doTERRA's essential oils that results in a truly "grounding" experience. 

With this state of deep relaxation and heightened immune response the body will continue to open and relax muscle tissue and assist the body to further unwind. You will leave this session deeply relaxed, emotionally grounded, and physically renewed.  

Because essential oils contain many physical and emotional healing properties, each oil used in the AromaTouch Technique has been selected specifically for its individual therapeutic benefit and aroma.

WHY AromaTouch®?

Environmental factors have a negative impact on overall health and well-being, disturbing homeostasis – the balance our bodies need to function optimally. Such challenges, even when they do not immediately result in disease, cause our bodies to function below optimal levels. 
​These include:
Emotional distress, career choices, family discord, financial worries, and the like elevate stress levels. Clinical studies have linked high stress and chronic stress to numerous negative health conditions.
Exposure to a wide array of toxic insults, including disease-causing pathogens, hormone, and pesticide contaminated food products, and increasing levels of free-radicals from pollution, foods, and sunlight contribute to rises in the occurrence of varying illnesses.
The increased consumption of food with pro-inflammatory components (foods high in polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as safflower, sunflower, corn and peanut oil) together with high carbohydrates, low protein diets contribute to increased inflammation in body systems. 
Stress, with its accompanying imbalance of cortisol, can also contribute to inflammation, as do various (and increasingly prevalent) immunological dysfunctions. Studies increasingly show links between fatal diseases and inflammation.
The opposite of homeostasis, an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system (aka: the ANS or visceral nervous system) can negatively impact health in a number of ways. Restoring the body’s homeostasis can reduce the physiological impact of stressors on the body.

What happens in a session?


The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes. You will be face down on the treatment couch, having removed foot-wear and all clothing from the waist up.  A light touch will be used to apply 8 different oils one at a time, predominantly on your back but also moving to your head, ears and feet. 

After the session you will feel deeply relaxed. You may feel more grounded, rested or calm. The perfect re-set!

I allow an appointment time of 1.5 hrs to connect and chat before, and after, giving you time to switch off from the outside world and slowly come to. 

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