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Empower Your Healing Journey

Essential Emotions Coaching

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Embark on a transformative healing journey with Essential Emotions Coaching. Through thought-provoking questions during sessions, you will delve into the emotional root of your challenges, uncovering your own answers along the way.

This simple, proven, and empowering process allows you to release what is holding you back, creating space for the life you truly desire and the emotions you want to experience.

The process begins by meeting you where you are, whether it's an emotion, physical pain, or a particular essential oil that has drawn your attention. All paths ultimately lead back to one core emotion, and from there, we delve deeper into its exploration and initiate a process of release.

Working with high vibrational essential oils, we tap into the power of plant medicine. Even during online sessions, the energetic potency and vibration of the plant transcend distance. By connecting with the oil's essence and its inherent qualities, we invite its energy to assist in resolving your concerns.

Remember, energy knows no boundaries, and through the language of oils, we invoke their energy to support your healing journey.

Pause for a moment and consider this: if you're familiar with essential oils, you likely know them for their aromatic qualities and physical benefits. However, did you know that certain essential oils have the remarkable ability to work on our emotions? Not all oils possess this capacity, and you can learn more about it here.

High vibrational essential oils are uniquely equipped to tap into the emotional and spiritual realms, making them perfect for this purpose.

But how exactly do essential oils impact our emotions?

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic brain, the junction where emotions and memories intersect. These intertwined elements profoundly influence our emotional equilibrium.

Smell is the only sense that establishes a direct connection between humans and the brain. Through hundreds of olfactory receptors and neurons, it instantly activates our limbic system. We all have experienced this phenomenon—a scent can evoke a vivid emotional memory at any given moment, akin to Proust's famous madeleine.

Doterra essential oils possess potent properties that subtly engage with our emotions and mind on an unconscious level. Their use aims to positively influence our emotional state without the goal of healing.

The sense of smell serves as a universal means of communication. Essential oil usage dates back millennia, particularly in the realm of herbal medicine. Many fragrances that were revered in ancient times, such as sage, bay leaf, and hyssop, continue to be cherished today. For further insights, feel free to download your complimentary guide here.

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