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Why raising your vibration is key

Updated: Aug 11

Understanding the concept of vibration and its significance is crucial for personal growth and life improvement. It serves as the foundation for many of the principles I apply in my work. When we grasp the notion of energy, emotion, and vibration, everything else falls into place. It may seem like esoteric or "woo woo" concepts, but in reality, they are grounded in scientific understanding.


We are predominantly composed of energy, with only a minuscule fraction being physical matter. Quantum physicists have made remarkable discoveries when examining molecules, atoms, and the subatomic particles within atoms. Surprisingly, they found nothing solid. Instead, they discovered pure energy—an atom functioning as a force field.

Take a moment to let that sink in!

This realization allows us to delve deeper into the subject, drawing upon our scientific education from school days.


Solid matter consists of particles that move slowly, whereas liquids have faster-moving particles, and vapours possess even greater speed. Let's consider water as a perfect example. In its solid state, water forms ice, where the molecules move slowly. As heat is applied, the molecules gain speed, transitioning into a liquid state. With further acceleration, they transform into vapor. Solid matter is characterized by slow, heavy movement, while fast-moving particles are lighter and quicker.

Understanding the varying speeds of energy movement opens the door to profound insights. By consciously working with energy and its vibrations, we can positively influence our lives and experiences. This knowledge enables us to align ourselves with higher frequencies, allowing for personal growth, emotional well-being, and the manifestation of our desires.

In the upcoming sections, we will explore practical techniques and principles to harness the power of energy, emotion, and vibration. Are you ready to embark on this enlightening journey? Let's dive in!

spectrum of colour
The colour spectrum

Colour is essentially light at different vibrations or wavelengths. Each colour we see around us has its own vibration. For example, infrared has a slower and longer vibration, while ultraviolet has a faster vibration. Understanding this relationship between colour and vibration is key to our exploration.

Now, let's dive into the fascinating connection between emotions and energy. Emotions are a form of energy that we experience and feel. Low emotions, such as sadness, fear, and guilt, have slower vibrations. These emotions create a denser and heavier energy, which is why we often feel a sense of heaviness when experiencing them. Fear and anger, while still low in vibration, are more active and vibrate slightly faster. Moving from depression to anger can be seen as an upward shift, as we move towards higher emotions. The aim in life is to keep moving up the emotional scale towards the highest emotions, such as joy and love.

David Hawkins emotional spiral scale
Where are you on this emotional scale?

Why is it important to keep moving up? Negative emotions or lower vibrations hinder our progress and hold us back. They weigh us down, making it feel as if we are dragging weights or walking through clay. Let's visualize water for a moment. Ice remains still and rigid, while a glacier moves incredibly slowly. However, when we increase its vibration by applying heat, it transforms into liquid, capable of flowing as a river. With further elevation in vibration, it turns into steam, enabling us to rise above mountains and experience freedom.

Considering that our bodies are composed of about 70% water, imagine the impact of emotions on our physical well-being. Masaru Emoto's work provides insights into the effects of emotions on water crystals, further highlighting their significance.

Now, let's imagine a ladder.

Man climnbing a ladder
Your vibration is like a ladder

This ladder represents vibration and emotions, surrounded by people. At the bottom, we find lower emotions such as sadness, depression, and worry. Here, the view is limited, darker, and it becomes challenging to move forward as we bump into others. We feel "low." As we climb up the emotional ladder, the view becomes clearer, the light brighter, and we can see further. At higher levels, we can see over the heads of others, observing the horizon with ease. We feel "on a high." It is at these higher levels that we are more attuned to opportunities, and life becomes easier.

Like attracts like in terms of vibration, meaning we attract experiences, people, and opportunities that match our energy. This concept forms the basis of the Law of Attraction. It's not solely about attracting physical things, but rather aligning with vibrations that match our own. We can only attract what corresponds to our current level of vibration. Higher vibrations cannot be reached from a place of lower vibration. This is a scientific principle. The Law of Attraction operates based on where we are in the present moment.

This understanding emphasizes the importance of our emotions, particularly when creating Emotiv Boards. By working with the feeling and vibration of the life our soul desires, we align ourselves with matching vibrations. So, how do we raise our vibration? While I'll cover this topic more extensively in another article, here are some key practices:

  • Do what you love,

  • Meditate,

  • Listen to uplifting music,

  • Minimize exposure to negative influences like horror movies or heavy metal,

  • Surround yourself with happy people,

  • Engage in physical activities,

  • Practice gratitude 'see a video I made on this here

  • Release negativity and resentment,

  • Forgive,

  • Become aware of your feelings and energy.

Keep striving to elevate your vibration, step by step, you'll keep on moving up!

I have also done a video on this here

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