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Why raising your vibration is key

Understanding vibration and why it's important is, to me, one of the most important things to grasp in order to improve your life. Once you understand it everything else fits into place. Everything depends on energy, emotion and vibration.

This is basically all there is and is the basis of so much of what I do. Once we understand the concept of energy, all this woo woo stuff like the Law of Attraction suddenly starts to make sense, it's all quite scientific really!

Ok let's go! Are you ready to delve in?


We are basically 99.999% energy, and 0.0001 %matter. Quantum physicists found that if they looked at molecules, then atoms under the electron micoscope, and then the particles that make up atoms, they found....nothing! Just energy, the atom just being a force field.

Read that again!!

That means that if we took your body, its cells, then into the atoms that make up your cells, there is NOTHING! Jsut pure energy! YOU are energy!

Now that we have this information we can take things further. and for this we need to go back to those good old science lessons at school.


Solid matter is made of particles that move slowly, whereas as liquid moves quicker, and vapour quicker still. If we take water as a great example, water in its solid form is ice, and here the molecules are moving slowly. As they speed up under heat, they move more quickly and turn to liquid, and then even more quickly, into vaper. Solid matter is slow, heavy. Fast moving particles are lighter, quicker.

Colour is essentially light at different vibrations, or wavelengths -Infra red being a slower or longer vibration whereas UV being faster. So all we see around us has a vibration of colour.

Ok So you have got the point that we are energy at our essence. This is science, not woo woo! So now this is where it gets interesting!


Emotions are energy. We feel them. Low emotions such as sadness, fear and guilt are slow energies...remember, slow energies are denser, heavier, more solid, and, goodness, don't we feel that heaviness when we're sad?! Fear and anger are still low but more active, they vibrate slightly faster, so if we move from depression to anger it's a good move. We're moving up, and that's the aim of life, keep moving up to the highest emotions, like joy, and love, that is all we have to basically remember in life, keep moving up the scale.

So we need to keep moving up.


Because negative emotions, or those of a lower vibration stop us from moving on, they're heavy, it's as if we're dragging weights, walking through clay. Imagine water. Ice doesn't move, it stays put, a glacier moves incredibly slowly, but once we increase its vibration (through heat) it becomes liquid- now an iceberg can become a river, a river can carve through mountains! And then to steam! Wow! we can fly above the mountains!! We are free!