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How the universe responds when you rise to the lesson

So yesterday I wrote a blog on climbing out of darkness, and I really don't know what happened but I suddenly got loads of likes and followers (thankyou!). Now, this is new for me as my old blogs just seemed to disappear into the ether, so I was quite taken a back to see all the action going on!

The Universe will thank you!

What else?

Well my oh my!

The Universe really thanked me!

I got a surprise cheque in the post for 270 euros!

Now let me wind back a bit from there. I had an envelope sitting on my desk for a week, from the tax office, and I was waiting for the right energy to open it. This is my method when I have bills or unfriendly mail lol I wait until I FEEL the right moment to know that I will accept it in the right mood and be able to deal with it in the positive way, rather than feeling down (like I did yesterday!) and not be able to think clearly. So today it felt right, I opened it and there was the surprise cheque!!!! How about that for feeling the energy?!!!

I can tell you I was SO thankful to the universe!

Then I get to my English teaching job where a colleague tells me she talked to someone about me about a huge opportunity coming up, and that person is desperate to speak to me about integrating me into her wellbeing centre set in a medieval castle (where I think I may also have had a past life, but that's another story!!!), it just got better and better!

You see when you see the lesson and go with it rather than against it, the Universe rewards you! I released a lot yesterday during that moment and I know those emotions that came up were old fears that needed to be released (rather like throwing up bad food!!). Personally I feel like yesterday's lesson was a wall to break through, to let go of stuff holding me back.

Also, I look for signs, you know those 11.11 numbers. Well every time I see those I set my thoughts to positive, the universe telling me "don't worry, incoming good stuff". You see we can't see those gifts and opportunities that are out of the radar. like planes coming in, they're in the sky just not in radar view yet, and that's an image I hold in my head every day. those words "Incoming opportunity and abundance, coming into radar"

Juniper berry

Doterra's Juniper Berry is a great oil for looking into that darkness and facing the fear. It helps restore dark and light, conscious and subconscious. It teaches us that there is nothing to fear when one acknowledges all parts of the self.

I like to nickname it Harry Potter!!

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