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Combining Emotion Code and Intuartiv Expression

30 June 2021

It's been a journey, healing the feminine/masculine wound, something that has cropped up a lot in my Twinflame relationship. Both of us have the wound of being crushed by the opposite sex. We had worked through a major block recently, it was a beautiful moment. The next day, however, I woke up, got up and felt a pain inside my right thigh. I don't know if I had twisted it, sciatica or pulled a muscle. And today, the next day it is still painful, I can barely put my weight on it. I decided to paint through the pain and see what came up.

To start, I felt into my pain then began to journal, it all poured out about me silencing my voice, who I am for the masculine, and that my partner had also done the same in his past relationships.

The first layer

I felt I was connecting to my womb, the seat of the feminine, to my root chakra. No oils

Layer 2

So much red, and I felt so angry, angry at myself for allowing myself to be abused this way. This is m fault, I allowed them to walk over me and treat as they wanted. I had mistaken attraction for love, and I fallen for the partners because they had fallen for me. They had all been attracted by my light which was too much for them. I allowed them to stamp out my light for them to shine. How wrong I was! I would dress to please them, listen to the music they liked, I disappeared and became a chameleon, simply because I wanted to be loved.

Layer 3

Peace Blend Essential oil