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Awakening the creator within

Someone asked me what I really do through my work.

What connects the art, the painting, the emotions.

I went within and found that I connect people to the essence of themselves. We were born creators. Just give a 2-year-old child a felt tip pen or a paintbrush and he will paint without a question or a doubt. Give her a few boxes and dressing up clothes and he will travel to the world of make-believe, imagination and dreams. That child was also born in the image of Love.

He had dreams, dreams of being this and that.

"When I grow up this is who I'll be"

But what happened to that child?

School came along, parental influence and limits.

The child began to compare himself to others. Fear came along in those limits.

"Don't do this or else..."

The child began to feel the separation of spirit from body. That life wasn't just love and imagination. it had come down to the real world and fit in.

Negative beliefs imprinted from those around him. His family and peers...

"I'm not good enough"

"I'll never be able to do that"

"She's better than me"

Creativity is the language of spirit. Dance, singing, painting, dreams. It's all there, waiting to be awakened.

You expressed as spirit when you were young. Then Spirit saw that it had a body, and a world to fit into , it felt separated from the others.

You got jobs, limited yourself; "I'd better fit in and be secure" you told yourself. Your dreams were put in boxes. Dancing was for professional dancers. Art was unattainable. For artists.

But you don't have to be an artist, dancer or pop star to allow your spirit to talk.

You CAN paint and create, just as you can sing karaoke , dance at weddings.Cook for friends.

You can paint for the pleasure. FOR THE FUN OF IT!

Who put that idea in your head that you have to be an artist to paint? That you must have talent? Do you sing the shower? Do you dance at weddings? Do you do Zumba?

Well then you can PAINT!

We can let our spirit shine, our soul talk!

You can heal through the paint. Re connect to that oneness which is spirit, all things connected. You can rekindle your desires and dreams. You can disappear in to a world of colour, of rainbows, with the swirls of a paintbrush.

And you will forget your worries, that child within will laugh.

She will awaken.

And you will create.

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