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Emotional Karmic clearing 
with Emotion Code 

Comments from clients

"My session with you was epic. It helped me to see some things that I had placed in the back of my mind from years ago. Things that were holding me back from my childhood. It was definitely a breakthrough and a blessing. You were so on point with how you analysed where I am and the input that you gave me to express myself. I feel so free and balanced now with not so much of a burden on my heart. I would recommend Nicky to any and everyone.” A.T, Cincinnati, U.S.

"Yes the clarity for writing has to be the EC. Not just my writing, Nicky, but my eating habits, too. I am still experiencing intense physical pain (but other things are changing - things I've been trying to change for years - have just changed effortlessly. I've not experienced anything like it before"



Check out this interview here where I talk about Emotion Code



We were born in love, love is our natural state. It's  there all the time, like the sun in the sky.


As we go through life, we begin to learn fear, through family and social situations, through education and work and just by living. During these moments negative emotions ( which at their very primal root stem from fear) become trapped in our energy field. Fear creates an armour to protect us, like a warning system to further hurts, whilst trapped emotions create pain both physically and emotionally as they become lodged, like balls of heavy energy in our auric (energy field). They literally slow us down, we begin to feel like we can’t move forwards, or we can’t ‘see where we are going’, we might have physical pain ( 90 % of physical ailments stem form trapped emotions)

We can also carry emotions over from past lives, absorb them from our mother when in the womb, inherit them through the generations, even from pre-life before the spirit comes into the body. We end up having negative emotions that are not ours and having negative emotional habits and patterns. 

During intense emotional periods in our life we can create energy heart walls. Walls around our heart made up of balls of energy which we subconsciously build to protect ourselves from further hurts. These walls after a time stop us from authentically connecting in relationships, we feel cut off from others, unable to either give or receive love.

All of these can be released in our sessions.

The fear and the negative emotions create a wall, a barrier between where you are and where you’d like to be.

As we build up this wall we lose sight of the love, like the sun behind the clouds. We feel we have lost love, we don’t love ourselves enough, when in fact that love is already there, we just can’t see it, or all of it due to the wall of fear and negative emotions. 

Our absolute aim in life is to shed these fears and return to love, unconditional love, whilst learning and growing along the way. 

Emotion Code then strips away these emotions, one by one, like removing the clouds from in front of the sun, or removing  the bricks stones that block you on your path. 

After even just one session huge benefits can be felt.

So what are the benefits of releasing these emotions?


  • Less negative emotions such as anger and sadness

  • Feeling lighter in energy

  • Clearer vision of where you’re going

  • Feeling more at peace

  • You’ll reach goals easier

  • Your energy vibration is increased so you attract at a higher energy level (Law of attraction)

  • more positive approach to life

  • Improved, more harmonious relationships

  • Greater clarity in decision making

  • Release of past issues and patterns that held you back

  • Release negative inherited patterns

  • Live a more authentic life

  • Greater and easier communication

Examples of uses of Emotion Code

  • Weight issues

  • Fear

  • Physical, emotional or mental pain

  • Lack of concentration

  • Abundance issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Sleep problems

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Inability to take a major decision

  • Feeling blocked in an area of your life

  • Unable to move forward

  • ....and so much more....

Buy 3 sessions, Book the sessions as you want them! No time limit!!

What exactly happens during a session with me?

Well first I connect to your energy so that I can become a proxy for you, whether this is in person or via Zoom, and we talk about your issue (physical, mental or emotional…) and what you’d like to work on.

I then use muscle testing to work through a table of emotions to identify the trapped emotions and the ages they became trapped in your energy field. I sometimes receive intuitive messages or images related to this life, a past life or even pre- life (just before being born) that may help you understand what's going on in your life.

There is nothing you need to except listen.

When we identify the emotion and the age, I will ask if this means anything to you (It often does!), in which case we can talk about what happened in relation to the issue (though there is no obligation) and then release it. Connections are often made and a deeper understanding is obtained about the issue. You may feel lighter, more positive, physical issues may decrease change or disappear, and after the session, emotions may come up and it can take up to two weeks for them to completely processed. My clients see changes in many ways in their life, and not only about the issue in question, it's as if the blocks have been removed or glasses have been cleaned!

During the session I am almost always guided to the Akashic records (basically this is where every moment, every feeling of every lifetime that your soul has lived, is stored) to release Karmic carryover that is affecting this life. It will often show me a traumatic moment in a life that you had lived, a vision, where I then receive information on the emotions felt and the situation and how it is affecting your current life in regards to the topic we are working on. I like to look at it as like the underlay of the carpet, you can't see it but it affects every step you take!

I am able to give complete clarity on the situation and release the emotional carryover, and so releasing what is blocking on this life.

Examples: A client frightened of travelling to a destination and needing to drive to have control: I was shown her in another life in a car, everyone shouting and arguing, they were rushing to their home which was on fire, and she was being blamed for being careless (leaving the gas on) and creating the fire. When they arrived home, it wasn't their house but their neighbours'. The client has lost her travelling phobia completely. 

I've had numerous accounts of healers in this life showing up as hiding their abilities in another life, quite afew as children seeing their healer mothers being taken away (witch wound), this was shown in different scenarios. They are now able to embrace their gifts and this life's mission as a healer. 

Another was in a war, one of few survivors on a battle field, she was trying to save everyone, running from one wounded soldier to the next. In this life she feels she wants to "save" everyone ad help them.

Another client was a favourite knight of the king, one of his best. She was in a contest in front of the King and was defeated by his worst enemy who put his sword through him and laughed, walking away with a blood covered sword. In this life she had terrible pain under ribs and was frightened to be successful for being laughed at or beaten down and failing...She has now lost that fear and is creating her business with more clarity.

Just a few examples to show how powerful and life changing these sessions are, giving clarity and renewed energy with a deeper understanding to your life. 

The Heart wall

During very difficult times we can create a wall around our heart in order to protect ourselves from further hurt. To the mind this wall is real, and serves its purpose to protect the heart, however if left, the wall can block love from flowing freely to – and from the heart, making building relationships and connections more diffciult. This wall is built by our subconscious mind and created by emotions and represented  a specific material (from plastic, to water, candyfloss, wool…!!) and of a certain thickness anything from 1 cm to 1000’s of km!! Again we can work on this-determining its material – which is often linked to fears or a situation, and eliminate the emotions and so the wall.

  • Benefits of clearing the heart wall

  • Better connections

  • Deeper relationships

  • Increased connection skills

  • Deeper romantic partnerships

  • Increased compassion and empathy

If you would like to know more, you can see here for a great post by Bradley Nelson (creator of The Emotion Code)

Intrigued? Why not connect with me to find out more 

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