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Align your life with Emotiv Boards


What are Emotiv Boards?

I'm prety sure you've heard of vision boards, and maybe you've made at least one in your life, if not more. 

Well so have I, as well as followed courses on them and and I they just never sat right with me, they felt "off", to material, physical based. And so an idea began to grow in my mind, and that idea became a seed and then it was birthed. And that is Emotiv boards

Emotiv Boards revolutionize the concept of vision boards by tapping into the heart, intuition, vibration, energy, and emotions. Unlike traditional vision boards, Emotiv Boards tap into the energy and emotions rather than the physical, and  empower you to step into your true self. Instead of seeking external manifestations, Emotiv Boards draw to you what is already within you, allowing you to embrace your authentic essence.


Traditional vision boards often rely on material desires and I have found that with this come  drawbacks.

  • On low or negative days, they can magnify feelings of inadequacy or unfulfillment, emphasizing what hasn't been achieved or obtained.

  • Even when you manifest what's on the board, there can be a continuous desire for more, leading to the creation of new boards and perpetually chasing the next dream, tapping into consumerism

  • Traditional vision boards tend to focus on what you think you want rather than what truly aligns with your individual path.

Emotiv Boards however allow you to connect with your true authentic self,  and are profoundly different from traditional vision boards. Rooted in emotion, energy, and vibration, they have the power to instantly uplift your mood and so elevate your energetic state. When you look at your Emotiv Board, it brings a sense of joy and positivity, resonating with the emotions and vibrations associated with how you would like to see your life . 

What sets Emotiv Boards apart is that they do not represent an unattainable future state;


Emotiv Boards:

  • Are energetically and emotionally based

  • They raise your vibration to that of your soul's desire

  • They may simply be a mass of colours, not necessarily images of people, places, situations

  • ​There is no end point, rather an ever unfolding vibration

  • As you align to the emotion and energy, it allows manifestion of what is already meant for you at soul level

  • Emotiv Boards allow you to be in the flow rather than working towards goals


Emotiv Board

To create your Emotiv board however, it isn't simply a matter of sticking lots of photos that you love! Well you can, it'll take yo a few steps forward of being in the joy, but all those beliefs will be there, stopping you from steppng into the vibration, and you won't know really what you want to be feeling. This is why I created a 12 step program that takes you fromw here you are to creating your board.

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