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Emotiv Boards

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What are Emotiv Boards?

Like you, I've created vision boards, future boards, dream boards, all sorts of boards to help me shift my life, but they always felt 'off', I could never find pictures of what I wanted, only what made me feel good, I jsut couldn't get my HEART into those boards. I realised that we needed was something to simply shift the energy vibration, something that tapped into our emotions.

Emotiv Boards were born!

These are what you have been waiting for!

Emotiv Boards work with our heart, tapping into intuition, vibration, energy, emotion. Emotiv Boards are a whole new concept, working from the inside to out. This isn't about attracting a new life, it's about tapping into your soul's desire, your soul's vibration and stepping into it. It's about bringing what is already within you and bringing it out. Everything you are, is already inside of you.

Vision boards are very much based on the material, on wanting, and they have flaws:
On those down days, when you’re feeling negative, low, tired, you look at your board, you feel useless, not having manifested what’s on your board, emphasising what you haven’t got, achieved, or done. When you HAVE manifested your board, you are left wanting more, and so end up doing another board, always taking you on to the next dream. They focus on what you THINK you want. Not what is right for you.


Emotiv Boards are VASTLY different.
They are based on emotion, energy, and vibration. When you look at them, they immediately make you FEEL good, they lift your vibration. They are set at the emotion and vibration of where you want to be, the FEELING of that place, at the vibration that your soul knows is where you can be. They connect to  the emotions, feelings, and vibration, tapping into that place your soul knows is best for you. However, that place isn’t somewhere unobtainable in the future, it’s right deep within in, it’s your soul’s calling. It’s the soul’s blueprint, map. It’s about stepping into the real, authentic, soul aligned YOU, stripping away all that doesn’t serve you to reveal the best soul you.

Want to know more?

Watch this video:

If that has intrigued you, and you would like to make one, I have a 12 week transformative program that takes in Intuartiv Expression, coaching and the Emotiv Board...and something extra special after! 

This is available as a group program or as an individual program, to suit your desires. What's more, with both, you get your Doterra Essential oil kit for free (worth over $300) !

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