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Creative Expression 

Creative Expression workshops


Following French lessons is great, but when we go and speak Fench with the French, we can feel unconfident, we don't have time to find our words.

Or maybe you love speaking French, and would love to find other ways to practise.

Creative Expression is a fabulous way to practise French.


Because when you're doing an activity, the spotlight is on the activity not on you, so we feel less conspicuous. Creativity also allows your brain to acquire language in a more natural way.

These workshops require zero artistic creativity, I will guide you through the processes, and through them you will also have the safe space explore your own creativity (and yes everyone was born a creator!).

Groups are small to keep it comfortable.

ALL is included, just bring yourselves and notebook of you want to write down any words.

10€ per session.

Thursday 14-16 (intermediate)

Friday 10-12 (lower level)
Suited for people looking to gain confidence in their spoken French and able to hold a small conversation. Not suitable to for beginners.

15€ per 2 hour session

Based near Saint Christophe 16420

For more information or to reserve your spot click the button

I've run such workshops in English for the French and they were highly transformational, and I'm now here to do the same for you in French.

Groups are kept small with a maximum of 4 people to keep the atmsophere just right.

And yes it's all in French!

26,27,29 March, 2,3,5 April  1 place left

If this sounds just up your street, or awakens your curiosity, drop a message, email or whatsapp. Even better, why not download this free ebook that gives you a taster of the course.

250€ for 6 days, to pook your place or for more information, click the button

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