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Clear the limitations Learning French/English

Image by Amy Treasure

Release trapped emotions that block your path and stopping speaking French with confidence

"I had an emotion code session with Nicky linked to learning French. It was highly insightful and I really enjoyed Nicky’s guidance and support. I had felt my block in French learning and this is what we worked on was around being understood. I have a fear when I speak that people do not understand what it is I am actually trying to say, the more I try often the harder it becomes. Nicky was able to hold this in the session and it allowed me to realise this was also a more general feeling in my everyday experinece - in French & English too. Through the session I had lots of flashes of memories coming back to me, some of which I was able to unpick. Some of which unravelled and after some days before their significance became more apparent. I feel the session worked and has the capacity to keep revealing elements of itself to me for the weeks to come. Nicky was wonderful in how she led the session, left spaces for discussion which was really supportive of my needs. 
I would highly recommend a session with Nicky for language blocks" Iysha 

Blocks in language learning can show up in many ways:

  • Feeling underconfident

  • Feeling judged

  • Fear of not being understood

  • Feel it's too difficult

  • Resistance to learning

  • Demotivated​

  • Not daring to speak

  • Avoiding situations to speak 

  • Feeling that you just can't progress in French

Or blocks creating your life here in France:

  • Unable to sell your house in the UK

  • Unable to find the right house here in France

  • Lack of clarity on the life you want to create

  • Fear of moving 

  • Unable to move foward in your business 

  • Financial issues

  • Physical issues (such as physical pain)

Or simply feeling unsure, underconfident, blocked or unclear.

To name just a few!

Emotion Code helps by releasing trapped emotions by such issues. Such emotions become trapped when we experience trauma, and by trauma this can simply be a difficult moment where we weren't able to express our emotions; In the language setting this could be for example, a bad experience during school, such as a remark made by a teacher or another student about our capacity for languages or on holiday with a foreigner, or it can be emotions that are inherited through the generations, or even past lives.
These emotions become lodged in our system and stop us from functioning at optimum, not only in language aquisition but in all areas of life, they literally weigh us down and cloud our vision.
In fact, over 90% of disease, illness, and mental and emotional issues stem from trapped emotions. The good news is that these emotions can be released. When we fail to address negative emotions, they become trapped in our bodies, burdening us over time. Picture carrying football-sized weights (representing trapped emotional energy) around your ankles, in your pockets, and on your back—how burdensome that would feel!

Emotion Code's approach involves using muscle testing to pinpoint these emotions and their origins, whether from this life, past lives, generational inheritance, or even absorbed in the womb. Once identified, they are released them during the session. The results can be incredibly powerful, with many issues often resolved in just one session.
When working on an issue during the session, for example not feeling confident speaking French, the benefits will be felt in other areas of your life too, maybe where you were also feeling a lack of confidence. 
Other benefits include:

  • Feeling lighter

  • More clarity

  • Negative repetitive cycles broken

  • Physical, emotional and mental pain reduced

  • Stress and anxiety reduced

  • Generational issues released

  • Increased confidence

This video explains what happens in a session

If you envisage having regular sessions, I have created a subscription format that encourages and supports you in taking steps to emotional wellness without having to worry about budget. 

Of course, this doesn't mean you that have to have a session every month, the opportunity is simply there. You can, if you prefer use the session to talk through an issue if that's what you prefer. 

With an Emotion Code session being an investment of 80€, The subscription is  only 39€ a month , giving you a saving of almost 50€ per session. 

Best Value

Monthly Emotion Code



Every month

Monthly Emotion Code sessions

Valid until canceled

Monthly Emotion Code sessions

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