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Who Are We



I'd wanted create art and live in France since the age of 12, and this drove me to find every way possible to bring French into my life until I finally moved in 2001 at the age of 34. 
I am now living the life I had always dreamt of, in the heart of the French countryside using creativity to help others release their limitations and create the life they desire in France.

Image by Kelsey Chance

In this community you'll have the opportunity to delve into your French Dream through creativity and art journaling, and before that little voice comes up, no you don't need ANY creative experience!

  • I'll be taking you through 12 creative steps that take you from where you are to where your soul desires you to be and you'll be guided all the way. You'll have the possibility to do this in French or English, depending on your level. 

  • This course will include written parts as well so if you desire you can practice your written French

  • We'll be releasing those limitations that stop you from moving forwards, both in creating your French life and in speaking French.

  • You'll have the possibility to join the weekly online discussion groups (numbers limited to 6) to practice your French

  • You'll also have the privilege of monthly 1 to 1 sessions with me to release trapped emotions that hold you back. 

  • And of course, be part of a likeminded community where we have set days for talking in French so you can practice exchanging through writing.

A perfect complement to your French learning that you may be taking already. 

Oh and that's not all!

Those 12 creative steps, isn't just a journey through art journaling. There's a destination. And that destination is your very own Emotiv Board. 

A what board?

An Emotiv Board, an emotional and energetic twist on Vision Boards.  A vision board created for your life in France, in way that you've never seen before. And you'll have the possibility to this a step further, but I'll leave that as a little secret for now. 

Why creativity? 
Well creativity stimilates the right brain which is the palce where NATURAL language acquisition happens, before it being sorted into order and grammar through the right brain. Creative activites help you to learn French more easily and naturally!

Creativity also helps you to connect to our emotions and to dig deeper and so helping to release emotional blocks. It also opens you to a whole new world of vocabulary that you may have never come across or used in classic French lessons. 

French becomes the way to communicate and not the subject of conversation. 

Creativity also helps you to think differently, opens you up to new ways of looking at the world

So let's recap:

  • A community for people like you

  • Weekly French conversation

  • Creative activites

  • Monthly Emotion Code sessions

  • Journey to Emotiv Board through art journaling

And the benefits?

  • Unique and empowering way to improve your French

  • Network and connect with others like you

  • Release the limiations that stop you from loving fowards in French and your life

  • Increased clarity in your life and the direction you want to take

  • Develop your own innate creativity

  • Learn to trust the process

  • Understand where you are right now

  • Have a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction and that it's NOT simply about manifesting 

  • Become more confident writing, speaking and understanding French

Curious? Interested? Excited?

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I'm creating a community of likeminded people who want to live their French on their terms.
Maybe you've had enough of just relaxing in France and feel that there is something more to your French dream. 

Or perhaps your soul is yearning for you to live in France.

Wherever you are on this journey, this community is here to help you create that life. 

A place where you can share ideas, find help, connect.

A community where you can practice your French without the fear of being judged for your accent or mistakes.

I hear this voice in you saying  "These can be found elsewhere. Hop onto Social Media and I'm swamped with groups offering this. What's so special here?"

Great question! So what DOES make THIS community so unique? 


This is where I pull out my joker card!

Because I'm about to offer you something totally UNIQUE and EMPOWERING that won't only improve your French but your WHOLE LIFE.

If you're:

  • Passionate about personal development

  • Curious about Creativity

  • Fanatic about France 

You're going to love this!

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