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IntuARTiv Expression

“I discovered intuitive painting with Nicky; I would never have thought that this could come to reveal to me so many things buried deep within me. At first, I thought it might be fun to paint like a child, I was drawn to the artistic side, and that it wasn’t based on technique, you didn't have to know how to draw or paint. As the session went on, to my surprise, however, emotion began to rise in me which touched an unknown part of my inner being. It’s absolutely magical to see images and messages appear the painting passages that we are not aware of. The combination with the essential oils really completes the revelation.

This moment was a real pleasure for me, it takes off our masks, leading to a true reflection of personal development.  Nicky is an amazing person, she was able to accompany me with such sensitivity and kindness on the path to my inner being." Sandrine

What is Intuartiv Expression?

Intuartiv Expression  is a powerful combination of paint and essential oils which takes you on a magical journey of self-discovery. This unique and empowering approach enables the release of emotions, fostering transformative shifts during the creative process which is so powerful that it has changed peoples lives in one single session:


“I participated in a class and the next morning I woke up, I haven’t slept like that in years, I always slept in foetal position through stress. I woke up spread-eagle. I have so much energy and I am so relaxed.  It was the best thing that happened to me that I just wanted to know more about it get more involved in it for myself personally and I felt that everyone can benefit from this.” Adrienne.

What initially appears to be a lighthearted experience, individuals have the potential to experience profound realizations about their current life situation. These moments of clarity can spark a profound awakening within them, enabling personal growth and empowering them to overcome their anxieties surrounding artistic expression, such as painting or creating.

artists paintbrushes and paitn dishes

As you begin your enchanting journey of painting with Intuartiv Expression, a world of wonders begins to unfold before your eyes. With each stroke of the brush, your creation unveils its mysteries, inviting you to delve deeper.

As you begin painting, the magic begins to reveal itself through the layers, the subconscious becoming conscious as the active mind gives up control, to a more intuitive and emotional journey. Interpretation of the layers can be compared to reading oracles cards, showing where you may be subconsciously blocking your journey. As the painting deepens you begin to connect the dots, helping you to piece together what you see and feel. You are working through the canvas of your life.


Intuartiv Expression isn’t just about looking into the subconscious. In its simplest of forms, it allows your true creator to awaken. The process allows you to take risks, to open up to YOUR creator, YOUR inner artist, and to develop your own style of painting and creativity. Indeed, it is through this process that I myself found my own, very textured and abstract style that you can find on my creations here

Here’s just a few benefits.  Intuartiv Expression:

  • Reignites your creativity

  • Acts as a meditative practice, bringing you into the present moment

  • Helps you to become aware of your own thoughts and thought processes

  • Release deep-seated emotions

  • Allows you to connect with your inner child

  • Develops your intuition

  • Facilitates letting go

  • Reduces stress

  • Allows a fresh perspective on situations

  • Offers insights into life's journey

  • Identifies and releases blocks and fears

  • Creates a sense of lightness and clarity

The benefits when combined with languages:

  • Activates a more antuiral way to acquire language

  • Opens up avenues for conversation not normally touched upon in classic language classes

  • Touches on a wider scope of vocabulary

  • Specific blocks can eb adresses - negative beliefs, perfectionism, judgement for example

  • Makes languages fun

  • Takes the emphasis away from the learner and onto the activity


I'm not artistic, is this a problem?

Not at all! No talent or experience is needed, at all. This isn't about painting something, it's about expressing emotions. I will guide you through the process step by step.

Intuartiv Expression will allow you to open up to your own creativity

I'm already an artist, how will this benefit me?

Intuartiv Expression will help with creative blocks, finding new ideas, and your own innate style. it will allow you to take more risks and of course take that deep dive into your journey within.

Why Doterra essential oils? Can't I use my own essential oils?

While using alternative brands or organic oils may lack the ability to induce profound emotional shifts, their aroma might also be significantly weaker, requiring larger quantities for noticeable fragrance. Unlike these options, Doterra Essential oils possess a remarkable high vibration that enables them to engage with our spiritual and emotional realms, surpassing the physical effects offered by mainstream brands, which are akin to replacing a five-star meal with fast food.​ If your session is at my studio, I have a wide selection of Doterra oils for you to test. You can buy your own here. 

Do I need expensive paint?

No! Cheap and is definitely best! For a surface, you'll need THICK paper to hold the layers of paint, or even cardboard is good (I have saved up round pizza bases!). DON'T use canvases for this process as it will make you want to paint something to show. and I have also had clients use their painting in a burning ceremony , ( which you can't do with a canvas). You'll also need afew basic brushes (I had a student who only used kitchen cutlery to paint with!).

This process isn't about perfection, it's about the journey. 

Unsure? Have lots of questions? Drop me a line and I'll answer you,

or you can book in for a free 30 minute chat

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