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IntuARTiv Expression


“I discovered intuitive painting with Nicky; I would never have thought that this could come to reveal to me so many things buried deep within me. At first, I thought it might be fun to paint like a child, I was drawn to the artistic side, and that it wasn’t based on technique, you didn't have to know how to draw or paint. As the session went on, to my surprise, however, emotion began to rise in me which touched an unknown part of my inner being. It’s absolutely magical to see images and messages appear the painting passages that we are not aware of. The combination with the oils really completes the revelation.

This moment was a real pleasure for me, it takes off our masks, leading to a true reflection of personal development.  Nicky is an amazing person, she was able to accompany me with such sensitivity and kindness on the path to my inner being." Sandrine

Intuartiv Expression was born over a long process. started painting for pleasure and running creative workshops, around 2007. At that time my style was flat ad linear, until I discovered an artist called Flora Bowley who inspired me to paint in layers, and then my style changed, and as I painted I felt emotions release, the paint also echoing my deepest thoughts. I began experimenting with friends and they had the same experience. In 2017 I joined Doterra and someone suggested I add a drop of oil to the paint for fun. WOW! My style changed mid painting. I began to experiment and found that the oils were echoing back to me what was needing to be released as well as what was coming up in the painting. Intuartiv Expression was born. You can see a video of that day here.  I began to run workshops and one to ones with great results. Then in March I put a simple post on a group in Facebook about what I did with my oils and within 2 hours there were floods of interest and I knew I was on to something. IntuARTiv Expression was born.

Intuitive painting is at its most basic, painting without an end in mind, enjoying the journey of painting. 
It is a tool to help you reconnect to your intuition, to drop from your head into your heart. It shows you your fears, your blocks, your joys, it shows you your soul and what it wants to communicate to you. 

This method was developed by myself over time through my experience in coaching, creativity and energy healing and the process of IntuARTiv Expression combines all of these, teaching us to let go, trust our intuition and visualise what cannot otherwise be seen.

Intuartiv Expression is a journey through the layering of paint, each layer acting as a new canvas, which allows your mind to let go, dropping the facade and revealing what needs to be revealed. There is also a magical ingredient which is added into the process, and that is Doterra Essential Oils which aid emotional release and translate what is revealed in the painting. It's a magical formula, and a form of alchemy, with the paint, the oils and yourself, creating something SO much greater. It goes beyond what we could imagine. For me, there is a true soul, higher self intervention, a form of energy healing which takes the process on another level, far beyond intuitive painting.

Why do we use specifically Doterra essential oils with Intuartiv Expression?
Many people will buy their essential oils from the high street, a pharmacy or well-being shop. These essential oils work well on the physical plane, lavender for example being good for burns. They work well for physical ailments or for diffusing in the home. The difference with
Doterra oils, however, is their ability to work, not only on the physical plane , but also on the emotional and spiritual planes due to their high energy vibration. When we are doing such work, only high vibrational oils will have the ability to connect to your emotions, and to your energy field. Intuartiv Expression is a form of energy healing, we are working on releasing emotions, tapping into the subconscious and to higher realms, as well as your energy field, and so the appropriate tools are required in order for the alchemy to take place. You could use everyday essential oils, it would be a fragrant experience for sure, but the results will not be the same. (Believe me clients as well as myself have tried it!). A formula 1 driver doesn't use basic tyres! a Gourmet chef doesn't use tinned ingredients...!

THIS is what makes the difference between Intuartiv Expression and classical intuitive painting or Art therapy.

The process is so powerful that it has changed peoples lives through one single session:

I participated in a class and the next morning I woke up, I haven’t slept like that in years, I always slept in foetal position through stress. I woke up spread-eagle. I have so much energy and  I am so relaxed.  It was the best thing that happened to me that I just wanted to know more about it get more involved in it for myself personally and I felt that everyone can benefit from this.” Adrienne.

In one session, which can seem like just a fun moment, people can have lightbulb moments, about where they are in their lives, and awakening something within them, or helping them overcome their fear of painting or creating. You are creating a safe place for them to look into the window of their soul.​

What happens in a typical session?

I talk you through the process of painting from the heart, in layers, with the addition of intuitively chosen essential oils. I encourage you to talk or takes notes at each layer, as the magic unfolds and your painting reveals its mysteries to you, interpreting your own painting through the layers, looking at the images, emotions and essential oils and seeing what you see or feel through them and how they connect together, like connecting the dots. 
In different painting workshops the basic method is used, with elements added, such as words, affirmations or specific colours. The whole process can be an emotional one, or not, as emotions are released.  Here's an example of a process, which shows the different layers from sart to finish:

So what are the benefits?

  • It re awakens your creativity

  • A form of meditation

  • Cathartic

  • Old, heavy emotions are released

  • Inner child connection

  • Develops our intuition

  • Helps the process of letting go

  • Relaxing

  • Anti stress

  • Allows a change of perspective, to look at a situation differently

  • It gives answers to questions about where we are in our lives

  • Identifies and releases blocks and fears 

  • You feel lighter, clearer. 

And the beauty of it, is that you don't need ANY creative, or artistic experience, in fact 99% of the people I work with, haven't painted since school. All you need is the desire to try it!

So where do you go from here? How can you experience Intuartiv Expression?

Online Courses

Typical courses that I run are:

  •  How to paint with Intuartiv Expression so that you can use it yourself at home

  • Professional qualifications to become a facilitator or coach

  • Courses which use IE to work on specific issues such as Body Confidence, Self Worth

All courses are powerful life changing journeys which empower you to release blocks and fears along the way. 

I joined Nicky's IntuARTiv' Expression group because I had always wished I could be creative, and her classes offered a way to do that without fear of failure to meet an expected outcome.  Small successes in connecting to myself and my work in those early sessions pushed me to try the Facilitator's Program. With guidance and support from Nicky and the other students, I was able to gain confidence in my creative ability beyond the weekly painting assignments and I began to see the benefit in my daily life.  Nicky's encouragement and nurturing of each of the students in our group was instrumental in the mental and emotional blocks that we were able to get through during the 6 weeks together.  She created a safe space for us to be vulnerable with one another and allow our breakthroughs to highlight our strengths.  The IntuARTiv' Expression Facilitator's Program has lit a new creative fire in me that I will now be able to use to help others go through this amazing process as well and I can't wait to get started!”  Autumn

All courses are online. Retreats and local courses will soon be available in Charente, France. 


On line and in person (Confolens, Charente, France)

Workshops can be a couple of hours, half a day or a full day, and aim to give you a feeling for Intuartiv Expression, so that you can experience it in its simplicity and walk away with a basic tool. Such events are shown on my Facebook Group 


I'm not artistic, is this a problem?

Not at all! No talent or experience is needed, at all. This isn't about painting something, it's about expressing emotions. I will guide you through the process step by step.

Why Doterra essential oils? Can't I use my own essential oils?

You could use your own but you won't get the emotional shifts. You will also need much higher quantities of oil to get an aroma. Due to their high vibration Doterra Essential oils are able to work on the spiritual and emotional plane of our soul, as compared to high street brands which only work on the physical plane (e.g. for burns). Believe me, I have tried others, even organic ones, and there just isn't the shift. And the aroma is barely there. Believe me on this. This would be like trying to replace a 5 star meal with a fastfood one.

What equipment do I need?

  • A selection of acrylic paints in a variety of colours that inspire you. Acrylic paints can be layered, and dry quickly. Basic brand paints are fine! 

  • Thick A3 paper, or cardboard. NOT thin pinter paper as it will be too light for layering. A3 is good to give you the space to express yourself

  • Brushes 2-3 brushes, not to small, different shapes/sizes

  • A hairdryer to dry the paint

  • A plate to put the paint on

  • An old jar to wash the brushes

  • A cloth

If it is in person, I have my selection of Doterra oils for you to test. You can buy your own here

If you would like to try the process, come and join our  Facebook Group where we have regular online painting sessions!

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