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Image by nine koepfer

" Wild women are evolved women who speak their own truth and dance to the rhythm of their own drum. The wild woman is the embodiment of creative transformation, helping her true wild heart awaken” 


Are you a Wild Woman wanting to be set free from the limits that keep you small?

It’s time to release all that does not serve you so that you can live an empowered life aligned to your soul’s desire and set the Wild Woman free from within you!

Image by Nikolay Hristov

​Welcome to the journey back to YOU!
You, the person that you are, under all those layers of society programming, beliefs and fears that hold you back from living your best authentic life.

Everything that I offer you here will allow you to release those fears and blocks that get in the way of living more authentically, and it all passes through language. Languages of the Mind, body and soul, and the language of plants.

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The Spoken Language of the Mind releasing blocks and fears that stop you from speaking with more confidence in your target second language of French or English

The Felt Language of the Body of Emotions, releasing trapped emotions from this life and other lives, that hold us back and weigh us down

The Expressed Language of the Soul in Creativity through Intuartiv Expression, a unique alchemy of your own creative expression, acrylic paint and essential oils that take you on an inner journey through paint. (NO artistic experience needed). 

 And then, the aromatic Language of Plants with Doterra essential oils to release emotions, rewire the brain, and give your body a sensory reset. 

You may be wondering why there is lavender all over this site! 

Well here's why I chose this plant. Lavender is my obsession, I guess you could call it me represented in a flower. And it represents my business in so many ways.

Firstly, simply the colours of lavender with so many shades of purple and lilac, is beauty in itself, mixed with subtle shades of green of its leaves and stalk
Lavender exists as both French and English, I too feel both French and English, I've always said my roots feel English, and my soul, French. There is also Egyptian Lavender of where I also have strong connections. 
Lavender is a plant that is a great healer, and all round healer for its essential oil. This part represents the healer in me. The emotions behind the essential oil are that of authentic communication, relasing the fear of being heard which is the aim of my language training in The Language of the Mind, helping you speak the truth, and by speaking the truth we live in more athenticity in line with who we are, which is the mission behind all that I do

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