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Isn't it time you released whats holding you back to live a more aligned life?

Nicky Howard works her magic using creativity to express yourself more freely:

  • Intuartiv Expression, a powerful creative tool, created by Nicky herself, incorporates essential oils into the creative process to release blocks and emotions

  • Release blocks speaking foreigh languages (French/English) through creative expression

  • Emotional release through Emotion Code, essential oils and creative expression

Express your true self through creativity and foreign languages


Feel more confident speaking French/English 

Break free from blocks and fears to express yourself authentically with more confidence in your target language

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 "The approach of English with you, Nicky, was done naturally without blocking, and in confidence, your delicacy and your empathy allowed me to gain confidence in myself. Your listening is essential and allows to free the apprehensions, fears and doubts that we may have. Learning without judgment and with respect for the person." Manuella


Creative expression workshops

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and to embrace your true potential by encouraging you to explore the depths of your own innate creativity.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

"This course has been thought provoking, emotionally supportive and has allowed for deeper expression of thoughts and feelings through art.This course has expanded my heart & mind for new opportunities to share my passions. Art & Essential Oils in ways that align with my true self. Giving me the ability to share the power of being a healer for oneself"

Release blocks that stop you from expressing your authentic self


Release trapped emotions

Identify and release any trapped emotions that may be standing in the way of you expressing your true self.

 "My session was amazing. I could feel the emotion blocks actually being lifted. I was so calm and for the next few days and there have already been automatic changes in my thinking and decision making. Things in my life have already shifted this week. I can’t wait to see what’s to come." M.S

Image by Gian Cescon


Essential Oils for Wellness and Transformation

Unlocking Nature's Secrets: The Curious Power of Essential Oils for Wellness and Emotional Transformation

"The workshop opened up another opportunity to share the incredible healing properties of tessential oils and the results have been fun, creative and restorative. I’m looking forward to more workshops in the future."

Image by Chelsea Gates
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