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Living French

Unlock your french Potential

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If you are here, it isn't by chance.

You are looking to be more confident in French, creating a life in France that really represents YOU and looking for something a little different, that can complement your language learning.

  • You know some French but you would love to be more fluent, more automatic, understand more when they answer the questions you need to ask. You want to take your French deeper and wider and looking for ways to practise it away from the classroom

  • Maybe you’re dreaming of moving to France, to live à la vie Francaise.

  • Or maybe you’re already here in France, but feel, after living your dream of being here, you feel there’s something missing… Like there’s more.

The French Dream

Rural France, we’ve all dreamt it. The peace, quiet, feeding our chickens (or ducks for me), and relaxing. Moved away from the rat race of the UK (or elsewhere), given up your job, and piled your lifesaving into renovating a home in France. 
You're enjoying the peace and quiet, nature, not having to run around for a job you don't like nor sit in traffic jams. 

THIS is the life! Veggie plot, chickens,  taking life as it comes, having a glass with the neighbours and then your faced witth wanting to REALLY know your neighbours, integrate into French society, really TALK, have true conversations. Oh you have it all worked out in your head but trying to pour out the words in the right order and all those doubts come flooding in. 

"They won't understand me"  "I don't know ENOUGH", "I daren't ask a question as I won't unbderstand the anwer"

Even worse, you avoid any contact because you're frightened you won't understand...

And then something is niggling you in the back of your head:

"What can I do with my time?" "Surely there's more I need to be doing?" ..."What's my PURPOSE?" "WHY am I here?"

That little voice inside of you saying you were destined for more. That’s there’s a quiet yearning in your soul for more to the French Life.

It's time to take your French life to the next level.

My name is Nicky, I’m currently sitting in in our woodland in the heart of the Charente countryside, with my husband, 13 cats, 5 ducks and 3 beehives living the life I always dreamt of, and that’s using the power of creativity to help people live a better life in France.
I’m here to help you take your French life to the next level through creativity, art journaling, Emotiv boards (an emotional variation of vision boards) and emotional clearing, to give you clarity and release the limitations holding you back, gain confidence, whether that’s for the French language or in your life in France.

I offer:

  • French conversation

  • Creative expression in French

  • Intensive workshops creating Emotiv boards

  • A private online francophone community containing all of the above.

  • Emotion Code to release blocks and limitations


After having released my own blocks to speaking French confidently, I am now fluent, and creating the life I have always dreamed of since the age of 12, I’m here to share with you how I did it and give you the shortcut. Having been a language trainer and coach for over 15 years, I now have a tool box to help you know HOW to learn and make speaking French easier.
I’m also an artist, creativity is central to what I have to offer you, not only for the fun factor, it’s also a powerful tool to release blocks, open up to our innate creativity and especially for its ability to aid language acquisition.

This isn't french lessons!

Before we go any further, I'd like to point out that I am not a teacher, so if you're looking for French lessons, this isn't me. 

I'm here to complement your French lessons, by releasing blocks that hold you back, help set up an action plan, finding out what you want from French, your "why" as well how to learn. 

So often I have heard:

"I'm bad a French"

"I'm no, good at languages"

"I don't have enough vocabulary"

"I'm not perfect"

You’ll be pleased to know that these are simply limiting beliefs that can be changed! You're NOT bad at languages- you learnt English for a start, your brain is wired to acquire language. The problem isn't you but HOW you learn.

Just like everything else in life, there's a way, there's a will and there are the limitations we create. And I'm here to help you clear the way to getting the most out of your French lessons that you're already taking. 

I'm also here to provide and you with opportunities to practise your French in a fun and creative way through workshops and courses so that you are able to try out what you know, without being judged or panicking. 
If this sparks your interest, then why not look a little deeper?

Click on the image to find out about:

Creativity and French


Emotion Code

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French Lavender community

Image by Brooke Cagle


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