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Welcome back to you!


Image by Nikolay Hristov

We were born close to the Divine, free from programming, trauma, experience. As we began to experience this world, we needed to fit in, we used our immediate world, our family as our example, reflecting back to us the person we need to be in order to be accepted. We took that as truth and formed our beliefs of who we thought we were and need to be. As we took the journey into life itself, we lived experiences that shaped us. We took on more beliefs and in those moments that were hard to deal with, we also took on emotions. We formed walls around our heart to protect it from further pain, and slowly but surely those emotions and beliefs began to form a suit of armour that we wore. After time,  we no longer saw the difference between the armour and ourselves. Life felt heavy, we were unable to move forward with ease, we couldn't see why as we couldn't see the armour, we just saw ourselves. We could only act in certain ways because the armour prevented from moving any other way. 

Until one day, the day you are reading this, something tells you that you are not the person you were born to be. There's something more than clunking around in armour. Surely,  it's time to discover the real you, beneath the armour...

Welcome to the journey back to you

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The Spoken Language of the Mind with foreign languages

As a language trainer and coach,  I help you move forward in your target language by working through blocks and fears, working on HOW you learn and the best way for you. We also work on specific needs for your language. I empower you to lead the way in your learning.

The Felt Language of the Body of Emotions
Emotions are the language of the body and through past experiences us they may become trapped and stop us moving forwards. Through Emotion Code, I identify and release  those emotions that stop you from speaking your target language with ease, as well as living your life to its fullest

The Expressed Language of the Soul in Creativity
Intuartiv Expression is a unique alchemic combination of your own creative expression, acrylic paint and essential oils that take you on an inner journey to your subconcious and allowing your soul to speak through th paint (NO artistic experience needed) to release emotions and to understand your inner world at a deeper level.

The aromatic Language of Plants

High vibrational essential oils from Doterra which have the capacity to help you release emotions, rewire the brain, and give your body a sensory reset, bith within Intuartiv Expression and through Essential Emotions coaching 

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