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Welcome !


Hi, My name is Nicky  Howard and I'm here as your guide and coach on your journey to feeling more confident in French, as well as accompanying you on your journey to creating your French Life on intention through creative expression, vision boards and coaching.

I have lived in France for over 20 years and the French language and culture has always been a passion, almost an obsession since a very young age. Since that time I had immersed myself in the language and ended up marrying a French man who became my best French teacher - he made me face my fear and speak French. With that, I was surrounded by the French culture and family, becoming as French as I could be. In 2001 we moved to France, where finally I felt home.
The first thing I said when I arrived in France was "I never want to teach English"! 

And I never have!

For over 15 years however, I have worked (I say "worked" but it has never for one moment felt like work) as a trainer and coach for French adults learning English, from beginner to advanced business and in all industries and for all needs. And today I combine that with other tools to create a unique package.

If you are here, it isn't by chance. You are looking to be more confident in French, creating a life in France that really represents YOU and looking for something a little different, that doesn't fit into the system nor traditional ways, something unique. Just like you, in fact!

Welcome to a transformative language journey tailored for adults seeking a fresh and innovative approach to being more confident in the language.

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