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 Release the blocks to live your life on soul purpose and awaken your true creator potential

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“I never considered myself creative. I didn't consider myself an artist or that I could even paint. It’s so powerful. Now I find ways to use paint and I'm loving everything I'm doing; I'm just I'm loving it.  I'm loving the results; I'm loving how I feel, and I want to show other people so that they can feel it too.  My friends that have known me for years, they're like “wow you know like we didn't know this about you” and I replied, “I didn't know about it myself”,  o yeah, it's pretty amazing.” Norma

"I went on an unexpected journey of self-discovery that flung open the doors to my own creative expression and helped me find my voice to confidently express my thoughts and opinions realizing that I have a message to share that matters. I have also been inspired to dream again.  The group of participants came together as strangers from all around the world but week after week of sharing our paintings, weekly assignments, and talking on the Zoom calls we bonded into a Sisterhood of Friends. Nicky is a superb mentor whose guidance, support, and encouragement I am grateful” Connie



Anchor the Intention,
Align Your Life,
Arise to your Creator Potential

A magical, sacred, space where you can connect with others who want to open up to their own innate creativity. Souls who are ready to release emotions and blocks through the creative process and discover who they truly are. And to become active creators of their lives

Creativity is the future. Long gone are the days of a patriarchal and masculine energy, where creative activities had been seen as a waste of time, whilst science and engineering revered. 

People are now waking up to the incredible power of art and creativity. As we step into the true Divine feminine energy which is now upon this planet and that of the divine feminine which is rising within us (We all have feminine and masculine energy within us) creativity is coming to the forefront. Not just as an art, but as a healing art, through which emotions can be released, beliefs cast aside and a journey to the soul experienced.


If you are here, you are most likely aware of taking an active part in creating our lives; that we are no longer passive bystanders, but that we actively create with our energy and emotion. We manifest what we FEEL, we attract that of the same vibration. We are active CREATORS. And by shifting emotions that stand in our way, that weigh us down, we are able to create with clearer vision, on a clearer path and at a higher vibration.

Become part of an incredible community of likeminded souls, who all have one aim, become active creators of their lives, creators in every sense of the word. People like you, ready to awaken the creator within and with out. Release the blocks, and discover your true authentic self through creativity

"I have found it to be a very positive experience. It has inspired me & helped me to dream again. I have made new friends; enjoyed tremendous support and encouragement throughout this journey and have become part of a close-knit community who want to serve others."

"Working with Nicky and this group of strong beautiful women has been a wonderful experience. The love and care one feels from all over the world is amazing as we talk about our experiences and releases within ourselves. You do not need to be an artist to be aprt of this, instead, we have embraced our inner child bringing out the creativity we have buried within all of us and releasing what we have locked up inside as we paint layer upon layer. - Thank you, Nicky!"

We thrive in community, we lift each other to our higher potential. 

We rise better together


Anchor the creator within

Anchor is ideal is ideal if you want to be more creative, to explore your innate creativity whilst being a member of a private online community where there are regular creative projects, monthly coaching calls and access to exclusive offers. it has all the benefits of the Arise membership WITHOUT access to monthly Emotion Code sessions.

Align encourages and supports you in taking steps to emotional wellness. Have the continued possibility of one Emotion Code session per month—a proactive step towards emotional harmony. Remember, prevention often surpasses cure, and regular sessions enable you to consistently realign your energies. Of course, this doesn't mean you that have to have a session every month! With an Emotion Code session being an investment of 80€, ALIGN is only 24€ a month (which is due to rise shortly), giving you a saveing of over 50€!


Release emotions, Align to your true self


Release Emotions,
Awaken the creator

Arise to your full potential

You live or would love to live your life from your soul, wanting to awaken the creator within, looking to connect with likeminded souls whilst rising to your fullest potential.

Arise is a membership where together we release those blocks and fears that stop us from living to our true creator potential. 

  • To create our life on purpose and not by default

  • To release our inner artist, creating for fun, for pleasure, or to be an artist, to create because we want to.

  • To use creativity as a way to release emotion, to find emotional harmony through the process

Arise is a network and community, where you can learn, release, share, connect, communicate and support with likeminded people. A Sacred community where there are regular calls, lives, guest speakers, as well as tools to help you move forward on your journey both in your business and in your life. You'll also be able to network and connect with other women just like you.  You'll also have the opportunity for an Emotion Code session every month (worth 80€), and if you don't want a session it can be exchanged for a session with me to offload, get something off your chest, or simply talk through something.
We rise better together!

There are limited places and prices will be this low for a short time only. Once you join, your monthly investment fee won't change even if the price increases.

Can't decide?
Book a free call

Best Value




Every month

Awaken the creator within

Valid until canceled

Online private community

Creative projects and inspirations

Access to exclusive offers and discounts

Regular group coaching calls

Guest speakers

Intuartiv Epxression sessions

Free access to mini courses

Best Value




Every month

Align with who you are by releasing what's holding you back

Valid until canceled

Priority access to exclulsive offers

1 emotion Code session per month (worth 80€)

Best Value




Every month

Arise to your fullest potential. V.I.P. plan

Valid until canceled

1 Emotion Code session per month (worth 80€)

Access to exclusive offers and discounts

Private online community

Regular group calls and chats

Guest speakers

Intuartiv Expression painting sessions

Free Access to mini courses

Creative inspiration posts and lives

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