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language coaching

 My coaching sessions with Nicky were a breath of fresh air and happiness... Nicky is a very nice person who I put all my trust in.  Her welcome, her listening, her precious help, her smile, her availability and her warmth contribute to the quality of the meetings. Our meetings were privileged moments that allowed me to give meaning to my life, to better appreciate and understand it and above all to move forward in English slowly but surely...

 "The approach of English with you, Nicky, was done naturally without blocking, and in confidence, your delicacy and your empathy allowed me to gain confidence in myself. Your listening is essential and allows to free the apprehensions, fears and doubts that we may have. Learning without judgment and with respect for the person." Manuella

"I was fortunate to have Nicky Peet as an English coach for several weeks and had a real pleasure. Very professional, Nicky is a person who has adapted her training on my personality. Her sense of humor and sensitivity are undeniable.Her patience and generosity are a guarantee of success.Thank you Nicky thanks to you I am more confident and I can live in Ireland now.I wish you all the best" M.G.

I had the chance to improve my English with Nicky for a few weeks. Nicky is a patient coach, who knows how to put you at ease, open-minded and easy to communicate with. I have clearly seen my level evolved, which is why I will not hesitate to call on her services again but also to highly recommend her to you!! Thank you Nicky Euginie C

Emotion Code for languages

I had an emotion code session with Nicky Howard linked to learning French. It was highly insightful, and I really enjoyed Nicky’s guidance and support. I had felt my block in French learning, and this is what we worked on (well one of them) was around being understood. I have a fear when I speak that people do not understand what it is I am actually trying to say, the more I try often the harder it becomes. Nicky was able to hold this in the session and it allowed me to realise this was also a more general feeling in my everyday experience - in French & English too. Through the session I had lots of flashes of memories coming back to me, some of which I was able to unpick slightly. Some of which unravelled and after some days before their significance became more apparent. I feel the session worked and has the capacity to keep revealing elements of itself to me for the weeks to come. Nicky was wonderful in how she led the session, left spaces for discussion which was really supportive of my needs. 
I would highly recommend a session with Nicky whether specifically for French or another issue you may encounter. Ishya B.

Intensive French course

"Nicky's Intensive French Course, a must.

I found Nicky a warm and dedicated teacher who taught me how to look at learning in a different way combining learning with something I enjoy, amazing results, the atmosphere that she created was so lovely totally different from the normal French lessons.

Nicky took me through a journey to explore other ways of learning that expanded my mind which enabled me to look at things more clearly.

Learning a language is an art in itself why not combine it with something you like.

For me this was a good way of learning as I enjoyed myself and the pressure just melted away. " Christine G. April 2024


"A French course like no other. Nicky has created a unique blend of tapping into creativity to help you improve your French AND understand how to get the most out of your life in France. She creates a warm and safe atmosphere that encourages practice, whatever your level of French. Prepared to get lost in a world of learning and self-discovery. Highly recommended. " Jo H. April 2024

"Would definitely recommend the Intensive French Workshop run by Nicky. It was a very positive experience, using creative mediums and working on inner feelings and emotions to help re-balance and move forward with life in France. It helped me unblock why I don't speak in French much even though I can read and write in French ok, but speaking terrified me. " Maisie D. April 2024

General Emotion Code sessions

"I have had 4 emotion code sessions with Nicky now and each one has been transformational. Nicky is very intuitive and her work has been pivotal in helping me understand myself, my responses to life and my relationships. I have experienced great shifts as a result of my sessions and I feel that they are an incredible tool for helping me navigate and understand my life. I am so grateful to have found her and for me right now it feels very important to be having regular sessions and to do this work with her assistance. I couldn't recommend Nicky more to anyone keen to unblock stuck patterns and situations and to understand themselves better" A Panayai May 2023

“My session with you was epic. It helped me to see some things that I had placed in the back of my mind from years ago. Things that were holding me back from my childhood. It was definitely a breakthrough and a blessing. You were so on point with how you analyzed where I am and the input that you gave me to express myself. I feel so free and balanced now with not so much of a burden on my heart. I would recommend Nicky to any and everyone.” A.T, Cincinnati, U.S.

"Yes, the clarity for writing has to be the EC. Not just my writing, Nicky, but my eating habits, too. I am still experiencing intense physical pain (but other things are changing - things I've been trying to change for years - have just changed effortlessly. I've not experienced anything like it before.

"I can attest that Emotion Code sessions with Nicky are amazing"

"I am so blessed to have been able to experience the Emotion code and distance healing - It absolutely blew my mind as to how you could connect to my energy, heal my inner pain as well as my physical (my knee had just given in - due to my root/base chakra being blocked)."

"Although I’m an open-minded person, I only believe what I see or what I can experience. I’ve been following Nicky Peet for some time now and when she said she was looking for people to test the emotion code, I saw it as an opportunity to try and solve my problem. To make it short, my father died 2 years ago, and it was a very violent moment. I often feel very sad in autumn and winter and I keep crying at this time of the year. I often lack energy and I cannot concentrate on my work. So, I met Nicky for the first-time last week and we did a session together. Nicky is a reliable and professional person and I immediately felt very at ease with her. You can feel that she doesn’t judge you, she is very generous and benevolent It's very important because when you need to speak about your emotions and your life, you have to trust the person you're talking to. I knew I could trust Nicky before meeting her and she is exactly the person I thought she was. Before the session, my left arm had hurt for 3 days and there was no apparent reason for that. We spoke very freely during the session and I believe it's essential to be sincere if you want to release your emotions and to get rid of your problems. After the session I had a headache, but my arm didn't hurt anymore. I felt lighter as if the enormous burden I could feel on my shoulders had disappeared. The following days I felt alternately very tired and full of energy. Now I feel much better although my sorrow is still there of course. I'm heavy with loss but no longer weighed down. A big hug to you Nicky with my deepest gratitude for your help and commitment. You're an amazing and unique person" Alex.B

"Omg! I think you have fixed me! From not being able to even put my foot lightly on the floor... I can now walk on it. OK, so it still hurts à little, but I've just walked across the room with no support and no crutches!!! The swelling has decreased loads!! Yesterday and this morning it was horrific! (Before EC). Although long periods of walking are not great yet... the improvement is amazing" L.C.



" I only have one word for what you do: amazing! Thanks so much! I feel I can float. I feel renewed." J.M



 I had a session with Nicky last week and it was amazing. I could feel the emotion blocks actually being lifted. I was so calm and for the next few days and there have already been automatic changes in my thinking and decision making. Things in my life have already shifted this week. I can’t wait to see what’s to come. M.S.


Nicky you made such a huge profound difference. You were instrumental in my change of perception from denial and anger into acceptance and the view that this could truly be a gift not a curse. You helped me step off the victim hood merry go round. I am at peace with it now. It's becoming more a part of who I am now rather than something to hate and despise and to get rid of. There is a lesson in all of this and I'm ready to learn it now thanks to youTop of Form


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