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Enchanted Creations

Posipods - gratitude stones
  • Posipods - gratitude stones

    With these stones
    I thank you for all that is
    From the clouds, the rain, the sun
    To all that is yet to be done
    Count your blessings we shall see
    All that unfolds is as it should be

    Welcome to Posipods – your unique companions on the journey to daily gratitude and mindfulness. Each set of five Posipods is carefully crafted to bring a touch of magic to your gratitude practice.
    Daily gratitude practice allows you to focus on what is working, on the good and positive events in the most mundane of days, and when done in the morning,s et the tones and intention for the day. Daily gratitude can literally change your life by changiong your perspective and raising your vibration.

    Each posipod is intuitively hand made and painted in clay, their texture adding the experience of touch and appeals especially to those who are kinaesthetic and love to touch as well those with active minds and ADHD. The posipods are infused with positive energy and are totally unique.

    How to Use:
    Every day, select a Posipod from your 5, and embark on a journey of gratitude. Close your eyes and let your fingers explore the intricate textures, guiding your mind to a place of reflection. As you hold the Posipod, focus on something you're truly grateful for. Let the emotions wash over you, and vividly visualize that special moment, person, or object. 

    A Ritual of Reflection:
    Gently place the Posipod aside and move on to the next one, repeating the process with all five. This ritual of reflection helps anchor gratitude into your daily routine, fostering a positive mindset and a sense of mindfulness.

    Aromatherapy Enhancement:
    For an extra layer of support, infuse your experience with the power of scent. Each Posipod features a hole where you can place a drop of your favorite essential oil. We recommend Spikenard essential oil for its harmonious blend with gratitude practices.

    Why Posipods?

    Unique Textures: Every Posipod is uniquely textured, providing a sensorial experience that deepens your connection to gratitude.
    Mindful Design: Crafted for daily use, these pocket-sized treasures fit seamlessly into your routine.
    Essential Oil Compatibility: Elevate your practice by adding a drop of essential oil for an aromatherapy boost.
    Embrace the magic of gratitude with Posipods – where daily reflections become moments of enchantment. 
    I am not able to take perosnalised orders. Photos are a representation of the stones available

    Crystal and shell is not part of the purchase and is for display purposes only
    Customs charges may apply outside of France, and are the responsability of the buyer

      10,00 €Prix
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