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Epiphany bottle
  • Epiphany bottle

    Epiphany is a bottle with a smooth elegantly twisted design. As you run your fingers along its form will it inspire an epiphany within you? A reason for being? As if each curve represents a path in your life, and how they together create the person you are today

    As you hold Epiphany, let it be an inspiration for illuminating discoveries and realizations. The bottle's twisted design symbolizes the twists and turns of your own unique path, leading to moments of clarity and understanding. It beckons you to grasp the essential nature of your dreams and desires, making them tangible and real.

    The name "Epiphany"  is a revelation waiting to unfold, a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand the very core of your desires. I ss not merely a label but a promise—a promise that within the twists of life and the twists of this enchanting bottle, you may find those sudden, revelatory moments that redefine your reality. Allow yourself to be open to the possibility of an epiphany—a moment of profound insight that aligns your inner self with your dreams, making you conscious of the vital truths that guide your journey.
    Epiphany: Where the twists of design and the twists of destiny converge to reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary, and where your dreams are not just contemplated but realized in moments of revelation and awakening.


    Not dishwasher safe, nor microwave safe.Decorated in acrylic paints, and alcohol inks, please do not dishwash nor soak. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth. The inside can be washed and rinsed.

      39,00 €Prix
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