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"It’s absolutely magical to see images and messages appear the painting passages that we are not aware of. The combination with the oils really completes the revelation.

This moment was a real pleasure for me. Nicky is an amazing person, she was able to accompany me with such sensitivity and kindness on the path to my inner being."

What is IntuARTiv expression?


Intuartiv Expression was born over a long process. started painting for pleasure and running creative workshops, around 2007. At that time my style was flat ad linear, until I discovered an artist called Flora Bowley who inspired me to paint in layers, and then my style changed, and as I painted I felt emotions release, the paint also echoing my deepest thoughts. I began experimenting with friends and they had the same experience. In 2017 I joined Doterra and someone suggested I add a drop of oil to the paint for fun. WOW! My style changed mid painting. I began to experiment and found that the oils were echoing back to me what was needing to be released as well as what was coming up in the painting. Intuartiv Expression was born. You can see a video of that day here.  I began to run workshops and one to ones with great results. Then in March I put a simple post on a group in Facebook about what I did with my oils and within 2 hours there were floods of interest and I knew I was on to something. IntuARTiv Expression was born.



Intuitive painting is at its most basic, painting without an end in mind, enjoying the journey of painting. It's a tool to help you reconnect to your intuition, to drop from your head into your heart, release fears and blocks and to open up your creativity.
The difference with Intuartiv Expression compared to other intuitive painting technique, however,

is the layering and the addition of Doterra Essential oils.

During the process the paints are layered, like individual canvases on one paper which helps to free up the brain and let go, allowing emotions to be expressed. A drop of Essential oil is added to the paint . The oils are chosen intuitively, or rather the oils choose you, after which the reference guide "Essential Emotions" (which you can buy here, using the coupon code "intuartivexpression" to get 10% off) is used to "translate" the oils' emotions. 

The client interprets her own painting through the layers, looking at the images, emotions and essential oils and seeing what she sees or feels through them and how they connect. The client can makes notes through the process to journal what comes up.  It's rather like doing your own oracle card reading through paint. In different painting workshops the method is played around with and elements added, such as words or specific colours for example, depending on the theme
The whole process can be an emotional one, or not, as emotions are released.  Here's an example of a process, which shows the different layers from sart to finish.

Intuartiv process example.png

If this sparks your curiosity, head over to this page to find out more!

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