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Hello Beautiful soul, 

Inside every single one of us is a spark of magic that wants to come alive and shine so brightly so that we become someone so much more than we believe we can be. In every person I meet I am drawn to finding this spark and breathing onto it a magical force that turns into a flame. Every person that crosses my path, there is a question that I always ask:

“What is your big dream?” Not the one of mansions and cars. The one your soul is yearning for you to live. The one that is so big it scares you. The dream that helps make this world a better place.​​

Let me introduce myself, I’m Nicky Howard, Your Healing Artist, and I’m here to release those blocks and fears that prevent you from living your life fully on soul purpose, from living your creative life and from creating the life you desire. I’m here to hold that sacred space for you to finally discover and uncover the incredible creative soul that you are!

You are a divine creator, and you CAN create your own magic, that tiny spark within you that is begging to become a flame.  


As women we are divine creators, creating life itself. We are BORN creators and I’ll provide you with the space and tools for you to create the life your soul yearns for and become the creator of your life on purpose. Art and creativity are our birthright, allowing us to open up and tap into our true creative potential in every sense of the word. It’s time to release that magic. Release the divine creator called YOU, as we journey through emotions, creativity, and personal development to create the life you truly deserve and came here to live.

Your aspiration is to impact lives, to change the world one person at a time through your energy, your offerings, and your unique vibration. You're an incredible soul on a magical journey.

Yet, at times, we all face roadblocks, moments when progress stalls or we don't know which way to turn.

Yet, at times, we all face roadblocks, moments when progress stalls or we don't know which way to turn.

Image by Almos Bechtold

Are you:

  • Wanting to finally open up to your creativity, you’ve dared before?

  • Already creative but want to go further, deeper?

  • Finally ready to embrace the dream of being a creator, an artist?

  • Wanting to live your life more on purpose, with a sprinkle of creativity to bring it alive?

  • Feel that you want to live your life more on soul purpose?

Wherever you are on this magical journey, I'm here to assist you on your journey, with tools, inspirations to take your creative life to next level.

Through powerful modalities like the Emotion Code, a transformative energy healing technique that identifies and releases trapped emotions from this life, past life, and past generations. These trapped emotions cause those roadblocks, and slow us down.  Take a look too at ALIGN for an incredible offer of Emotion Code

Essential oils with Essential emotions coaching where we harness the energy of essential oils and plant medicine to work through a specific emotion (and what’s so amazing is that YOU don’t even need the oils to have the shift!)

Through both of these powerful emotional clearing modalities, you'll find yourself equipped with newfound clarity, emotional liberation, and revitalized energy to propel you forward on your path of both personal and professional growth.

Dive into the world of Intuartiv Expression, a truly unique and innovative creative tool that I have personally created. This method combines the power of essential oils with artistic expression to tap into the depths of the subconscious mind. By engaging in this transformative process, you'll not only unlock your inner creativity but also find a pathway to release deep-seated emotions and gain invaluable self-awareness. It's an enjoyable and enlightening journey of self-discovery through art.

Uncover the transformative magic of Emotiv Boards, a refreshing take on traditional vision boards. These boards are based on energy, vibration, and emotion, offering a potent tool to align you personal and business life with the desires of your soul. Get ready to embark on a soulful journey of manifestation and transformation as you bring your dreams and aspirations to life through the power of energy and emotion.

Your mission is worth the journey, and I'm here to help you navigate every twist, turn, and transformation.

I also strongly believe that women are innately meant to collaborate, to thrive within a supportive community. This interconnectedness is our inherent strength, and the future is undoubtedly shaped by this essence of unity. Our collective purpose is to uplift one another and so uplift the planet.  If you're in search of like-minded women, who are magical like you, you'll love my ARISE community—a space where you'll discover kindred spirits and experience the empowering force of togetherness. Whether you're looking to network, grow, or simply connect, ARISE awaits you with a private online community, guest speakers, mini courses and so much more.

Let's step forward together, embracing the fullness of your soul's purpose

Coffee with Friends

Wherever you are on this journey, I am so happy that you're here, if you have any questions,why not book a 30 minute free discovery call.
I look forward to connecting with you


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