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  • Posipods

    Introducing our Posipod Gratitude Stones, a magical set of five uniquely textured stones, each the size of a marble. These exquisite stones are more than just beautiful trinkets; they hold the power to elevate your gratitude practice to new heights.

    Colors and designs vary, ensuring that each stone in the pack of 5 is completely unique, just like your gratitude journey. Crafted with love and care, every stone is handcrafted in clay and infused with healing positive energy.

    How to Use:

    Hold a Posipod in your hand, feeling its special texture and energy.

    Place a drop of your chosen essential oil in the hole of the Posipod.

    Close your eyes, take a moment, and focus on gratitude - for a person, an occasion, or any meaningful aspect of your life.

    As you embrace the Posipod, immerse yourself in the feelings of gratitude; visualize it, sense it, feel it flowing through you.

    Once you've fully embraced the moment of gratitude, gently place the Posipod down and pick up the next one, repeating the process for all 5 stones.

    Engage in this transformative ritual as often as you desire, allowing the Posipod Gratitude Stones to enhance your appreciation and mindfulness.

    These stones are the perfect companions for your gratitude practice, reminding you of the beauty and uniqueness of each moment. Elevate your daily routines with the powerful combination of essential oils and healing energy, and let these Posipod Gratitude Stones become your cherished talismans.

    Watch our video showcasing the beauty and magic of the Posipod Gratitude Stones to see how they can enrich your life.

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