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  • Amazen

    Discover the enchanting power of Amazen Mindful Stones, your perfect companions for achieving tranquility during meditation practice and finding presence in the busiest of moments. These stones possess a magical ability to quieten the mind, making them an ideal tool for those with ADHD, racing thoughts, or individuals who thrive on kinesthetic learning experiences where movement and sensation are required to assimilate information.
    Hand crafted in clay, each Amazen stone fits neatly into the palm of your hand, offering a comforting and grounding feel. The stones' beautiful and unique textures enhance their allure, capturing your senses and guiding you to a state of mindfulness.

    How to Use:

    • Hold an Amazen stone in the palm of your hand, and place a drop of your chosen essential oil into the stone's cavity.
    • As you gently glide your fingers over the textured surface of the Amazen, allow your mind to immerse in the sensory experience.
    • During moments of meditation or when your thoughts are racing, focus on the sensation of the Amazen stone in your hand. The stone's textures and the aromatic essence of the essential oil create a sensorial journey, gradually calming your mind.
    • As your mind finds peace and tranquility, the Amazen stone assumes the role of an active participant, carrying the weight of your mental activity.

    Embrace the Amazen Mindful Stones and welcome a completely sensorial experience into your meditation and mindfulness practices. Let the magic of these stones soothe your thoughts, quiet your mind, and transport you to a state of serene presence.

    Note: The Amazen Mindful Stones are not just meditation tools; they are also excellent aids for kinesthetic learners, helping them assimilate information effectively by engaging their senses during the learning process.

    Color: multicolored
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