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Vision Boards Don't Work, And Here's Why

If you have a strong passion for personal development and enhancing your life, it is highly likely that you are familiar with the concept of vision boards and may have even created one during your journey. However, let me clarify that an Emotiv Board is not to be confused with a vision board, future board, or dream board. It is a distinct and unique approach, operating on a 5D level that is driven by the heart, aligned with vibrations, energy ands emotions and is guided by intuition. Unlike vision boards, which are considered more traditional and rooted in a 3D mindset, an Emotiv Board represents an evolution in our spiritual and energetic growth beyond what was portrayed in "The Secret" and similar teachings.

What it Is NOT!

In contrast to various aspects commonly associated with traditional vision boards. Specifically, an Emotiv Board is not:

  • Rooted in materialistic desires: It goes beyond solely focusing on material possessions or external achievements.

  • Dependent on quotes or written words: It does not rely heavily on written affirmations or motivational quotes as the primary source of inspiration.

  • A representation of the future in strictly 3D terms: It moves away from a purely future-oriented perspective that solely emphasizes tangible outcomes.

  • Future-oriented in a materialistic sense: It transcends the narrow focus on material gains and shifts towards a more holistic and soul-centered approach.

  • Solely goal-oriented: It doesn't centre solely on setting and achieving specific goals but emphasizes deeper personal alignment and authenticity.

  • Driven solely by the intellect or rational mind: It moves beyond being predominantly driven by analytical thinking and instead embraces a more intuitive and heart-centered approach.

Instead, An Emotiv Board encourages a deeper exploration of emotions, intuition, and energetic alignment, enabling individuals to connect with their true essence and authentic self.

So what IS an Emotiv Board?

While an Emotiv Board may share a physical resemblance with a mood boardor a vision board, its purpose and essence deviate significantly. What sets an Emotiv Board apart is its powerful capacity to create an emotional and vibrational harmony with your true self, empowering you to rise above the limitations of fears and obstacles. Creating an Emotiv Board sets you on a profound transformative path, where you become into with your soul essence and allows it to shine through. It becomes a catalyst for embodying your true self, paving the way for personal growth and self-realization.

So why create an Emotiv Board and not a vision board?

Vision board focus on where we want to be, and where you believe you need to be.
Emotiv Boards remind you who you truly are as a soul, it allows you to put your trust in the Divine and to step into your soul self.

A vision board typically centers around the future, focusing on goals and aspirations that propel us forward. However, picture a moment in your life when self-doubt creeps in and everything seems to be working against you. In that vulnerable moment, you glance at your vision board, and suddenly, it serves as a reminder of the gap between where you currently stand and where you believe you should be. Negative thoughts begin to arise, such as:

"I'll never achieve that!" "I created this board years ago, yet I haven't made any progress!" This inner dialogue takes you out of alignment with your true essence.

A vision board is constructed based on what you consciously know you desire. It reflects your goals, intentions, and ideas derived from your conscious understanding as a human being. However, how can you be certain that these conscious desires truly align with what your soul yearns for?

An Emotiv Board centers its focus on emotions and vibrations. It emphasizes how you want to experience and feel in your life. By eliciting positive emotions, it elevates your vibrational frequency, cultivating a sense of well-being in the present moment. The board serves as a catalyst for aligning with your true essence at a soul level. When you gaze upon it, you connect with the profound knowing in your heart and soul that this is the embodiment of your authentic self, transcending limitations and old beliefs. It serves as a powerful reminder of your soul's purpose and why you are here.

The Emotiv Board operates beyond the constructs of future or past; it anchors you firmly in the present moment. Its primary focus lies on how you feel right now, because there really is, is the present moment. The future is simpoly a concept and the past, a memory, and in energetic terms there is nothing bit here and now. When you find yourself feeling down or disconnected, looking at the Emotiv Board can shift your vibration, uplifting you to a higher state in the present moment.

The essence of an Emotiv Board is to capture the core of your emotions and the life your soul truly desires. It should evoke a sense of joy, excitement, and resonance within your being. The board acts as a reflection of your authentic self, illuminating the emotions and experiences that make your soul sing, tingle, and dance. It radiates a warm glow that mirrors the essence of who you are, presenting the blend of emotions and desires that comprise your aligned life.

The Emotiv Board serves as a profound reminder, offering a visual map that guides you back to your authentic, soul-aligned self. Through the language of energy and emotion, it reconnects you to the essence of who you truly are. When you align with your soul's purpose, magic unfolds. It is in this alignment that the Universe conspires in your favour, orchestrating synchronicities, bringing forth opportunities, inspiration, and abundance into your life. The Emotiv Board becomes a gateway to unlocking the extraordinary possibilities that await when you embrace your true self and allow the Universe to work in harmony with you.

(For more information about the importance of vibration see this other blog post I wrote a few years ago.)

Before diving into the creation of an Emotiv Board, it's important to pause and consider the process involved. It extends beyond simply selecting and affixing images that evoke positive emotions. There is a transformative journey that unfolds, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your current state, past experiences, and true essence. Understanding where you currently stand emotionally is vital in determining where you aspire to be.

I have developed a comprehensive 12-step program that combines coaching tools , Intuartiv Expression and art journaling. This program delves into various aspects, including assessing your present emotional state, exploring blocks and beliefs, aligning with your soul's blueprint, embracing gratitude, raising your vibration, and much more. Throughout the program, you'll engage in painting assignments and other creative activities, culminating in the creation of an Emotiv Board.

If you would like to dip your toe into taking the first steps to transforming your life, i've created a free guide for you here.

I look forward to connecting with you on your journey!


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