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Why you don't need a money mindset coach!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

I've been through money issues, like so many of us:

  • lack of money

  • big debts,

  • blacklisted

  • piles of unpaid bills

and so much more.

Not through overspending, I might add, but simply from an unstable wage of the job I was doing that went from 0 to 1000€ a month, while I had 1000€ going out in bills and rent. Overspending for me was buying a luxury yoghurt over a cheaper brand!

But boy! Am I thankful for that moment!

It taught me to let go of fear, that worrying was useless and that I had a CHOICE not to worry. I picked up tools such as Hoʻoponopono, EFT, Access bars,and so much more. It was my biggest leaning curve which opened me up to something bigger, to have faith and to drop all attachment to the material. I sold my flashy car, my Apple MacBook. I became great at making 101 recipes from pasta and tinned tomatoes in order to make meals interesting for my girls.

Apparently, however, I didn't have the right mindset. It needed to be "fixed". Coach after coach gave me empty promises of earning 6 figures, if I just paid them 10,000 for their latest course...

Apparently I had a "lack mindset".

I am one of those who doesn't throw out but mend and fix.

Those who keep spares,, extras, empty jam jars, cardboard boxes...I boil chicken bones for broth, and use broccoli stalks in soups.

I have a pile of bits of wood, 'just in case'

I am accused of being in a poverty mindset, something to fix and keeping all this apparently shows that I don't trust that the Universe will provide me with the money to buy something later.

I began to think something was wrong with me. Ihad to change, improve, get better, I had to let go of that mindset.

...Didn't I?

Well you know what.

It has F all to do with poverty!

It's all Bullsh*t to keep you in that fear, that something is wrong with you. That you aren't enough, needed to be fixed.

Well let me tell you something.

Let yourself off the hook!

You are perfect exactly as you are. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Stop trying to change you!

You see, those who are in that "mindset" also see the truth, we see what's coming. The impending food shortages, ridiculous fuel prices. We see how the world is transforming, into a world that isn't based on material, image, fashion. One where we grow our own food, reconnect to nature.

We're the ones the new world has been waiting for. Because we have the mindset!

The right mindset!

We'll be able to cope without having to go to the hairdressers, buy the latest fashion, go on endless holidays. We'll know what to do when food becomes scarce. We'll be able to make do and mend. We don't need NEW. we don't need to have the house in the perfect colours

We are the new world.

We have been preparing this for lifetimes.

We have the creator mindset!

And we're here to create the new world.

So stand proud and know that you are made for this!

So stop paying money mindset coaches!

Stop chasing the other world and embrace who you are, you are made for this new world! And it needs YOU just as you are!

Thankyou for being YOU!


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