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Oracle card reading

Find out where you are emotionally right now, allow the cards to dig deep into your soul and tell you what's happening beneath the surface

Image by Tayla Kohler

Looking for answers, reassurance, curiosity?

Having a card reading is something many people are attracted to. Tarot cards are often used in such readings and have been turned to for many years. Having an oracle card reading is a little bit different, and especially with me. 

​What is the difference between tarot and Oracle? 

A Tarot card deck is always the same set up, 78 cards  with major and minor arcana, each card having a set meaning often similar with each deck. The readings are often more structured too.  

Oracle cards have no limit! Each pack has its very own energy, design, and number of cards. Rather than having a set meaning

Oracle cards hold a bigger energy and give an insight into a greater sense of what is going on. Tarot cards are a bit more detailed. Tarot cards are like pages to a book, each card is one page telling the story, whereas oracle cards are like the whole chapter. A wider section of the story. 

What can I offer you? 

A 30 minute oracle card reading using a minimum of 3 oracle card packs and at least 20 cards.​ But not only this!

​What sets me apart is that essential oils are incorporated into the reading. 3 essential oils are intuitively chosen prior to the card reading, and then put aside. Once the card reading is finished, I explain the emotions that the essential oils work with and how they fit in with the cards. It’s rather like a second reading this time with essential oils.

The readings are emotionally based, nonspecific. I don't work to specific time frames or questions, rather allowing your soul to speak to me through the cards which I interpret through connecting to your energy and tuning in to your soul. I may also receive guides messages or visions. 

The whole session, done alone and in my own time, is recorded and then sent to you for you to watch in your own time as often as you wish.

If you would like a reading:

2. Then Please send me a message here to let me know that you have paid. This email will be used to send you your video of the reading.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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