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Lavender Fields

Language of the soul


The soul speaks through image, which is the first language we know.
As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.
Welcome to the world of 
Intuartiv Expression


About  Intuartiv Expression

Intuartiv Expression is a tool to help you reconnect to your intuition, to drop from your head into your heart, release fears and blocks and to open up your creativity, the alchemy of you, the paint and the addition of High Vibration Essential Oils..

Find out more about the magic here...


Intuartiv Expression for you

The magic of Essential oils and intuitive painting brought to you in the form of workshops, courses and coaching. Find out more here about how to bring Intuartiv Expression into your life


Soul art readings

Your very own piece of Intuartiv healing art that continues to infuse your life with its healing fragrance, energy, and vibration long after you have received it. 

Art that encompasses every step you have taken in your life, every up and down you have been through that has brought you to this moment.
A piece of art that brings you back to your true self, reminding you who you are at soul level through the 6 senses

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