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Discover the Power of Intuartiv French
-Speak with Confidence-

Intuartiv French offers a unique service to help people living in France to speak French with more confidence and without fear of being judged. By using creativity as a tool, Intuartiv French helps individuals to overcome their fears and express their true selves. With Intuartiv French, you can release your fears and discover a new level of confidence within yourself.

At Intuartiv French, I am here to help you overcome your fear of speaking French. With over 20 years of experience living and immersing myself in French culture, I understand the challenges that come with learning a new language. Working with me, you will gain the confidence to speak French and express your true self through creativity
I offer:

  • Creative workshops in French to allow you to practice speaking in a friendly and welcoming environment whilst exploring your own innate creativity through different mediums such as air dry clya, acrylic paint, decopatch...

  • For those who wish to take things deeper, I offer more in-depth classes that help you practice and create the right mindset for acquiring the language through Intuartiv Expression


Creativity is a fabulous tool to combine with languages:

  • It takes the focus away from you and onto the creation, making it easier to speak

  • It gives scope for a wide range of conversation

  • It allows you to open up to your own creativity that is buried within you

  • It opens the brain to the natural way to acquire language

Intuartiv Expression works at a deeper level for language learning  and has numerous benefits

  • Revealing blocks and fears

  • Providing a fun and safe way to work through issues

  • Releasing emotions that create those fears

  • Opens you up to your true creativity

  • Allows the brain to acquire language in a more natural way

  • Scope for a huge array of topics of conversation and so increasing your vocabulary

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Intuartiv Expression

Intuartiv French focuses on an innovative approach to language expression. Through a unique process of intuitive painting with acrylic paint and essential oils, Intuartiv French helps users to release their fears and express themselves in Frenchvwith confidence and fluency. With Intuartiv French's unique approach to language and creativity, you can gain the confidence to speak French with ease. Experience a language journey like no other!

Image by Estée Janssens

Creative workshops in French

Our creative workshops offer a unique way to improve your French while exploring different mediums. Our workshops are interactive, hands-on, and guaranteed to bring out your creative side. Join us to unleash your inner artist and sharpen your French skills!

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