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Sensorial Healing Art

A complete healing session within a piece of sensorial art
- Just for you -

I recently received the most wonderful birthday gift. It was a Emotional personalised painting infused with essential oils selected especially for me. Along with the painting were the essential oils in a bottle which I could roll onto my pulse points.

The link of the painting whilst is was being created, was sent to me and I could watch it at my leisure via YouTube. WOW, it just blew me away. It was incredibly intuitive, brought me to tears but also gave me the most beautiful feeling inside. I have placed my painting so I see it many times every day. It still holds the smell of the essential oils used within its layers.

I can highly recommend Nicky to produce this unique gift, for yourself or a loved one. They will never receive anything quite like it.

Thank you Nicky, I absolutely LOVE it" J.M July 2022

Your very own piece of Intuartiv healing art that continues to infuse your life with its healing fragrance, energy, and vibration long after you have received it. 

Art that encompasses every step you have taken in your life, every up and down you have been through that has brought you to this moment.
A piece of art that brings you back to your true self, reminding you who you are at soul level through the 6 senses



Allow me to explain.

Intuartiv Expression, created by myself,  is a specific way to paint intuitively through layering and the addition of high vibrational essential oils, enabling me to connect to the messages of the soul and for emotional healing. 

When you purchase a piece of Healing Art, you receive so much more than a painting to hang on your wall.

You are purchasing your healing journey, a vision into your soul through the 6 senses:

  • Seen through the colours

  • Felt through the textures

  • Breathed in through the fragrance of the oils

  • Heard through the messages I receive, spoken in a video

  • Received intuitively through my paintbrush

  • Tasted in the transformation through the healing

Upon purchase of the session, I sit at my art table, connect to your energy, and then allow my paint to do its magic as I feel into your soul and what it wants me to convey to you. The places in your life where you feel stuck, I feel into your past, into your energy and emotion, releasing fears and blocks, infusing the art with healing energy. 

The  whole process is recorded as I talk through everything I am feeling and seeing in the painting, and messages I may receive as I paint. Intuartiv Expression is, for me, a connection with the Divine and your soul, with the paintbrush being the bridge. There is an alchemy that takes place along the journey, creating a healing process as the paint is infused with healing Divine Energy.

There is more:
Into the paint, high vibrational essential oils are intuitively added (I choose them eyes closed).  These Divine Oils translate what your soul wants you to know, they show me where emotions are stuck, and enable them to be released, while infusing your energy with their healing energy, creating their magic in the spiritual and emotional realms of your soul. 

Once the painting is completed, I will read your oracle cards that had been drawn at the start of the session, and talk through the emotions of the oils infused in the painting, creating a complete picture of your life from an emotional view.

The whole process can take up to 2 hours and every moment is captured for you and sent to you, with the painting, for you to watch, listen and see your painting come to life. 

What will you receive?

  • Your painting, available as a canvas 40 X 40 cm (If you prefer a different format please message me)

  • The video of process, from beginning to end, shared as a private You Tube link, or if you prefer, via WeTransfer

  • A roller blend of the essential oils used in the painting accompanied by an intention to use with the blend

  • An explanation of the emotional benefits of the essential oils used

Once your artwork is displayed in your home, the healing continues, as the vibration of the oils and the energy infused in to the paint, diffuse into your space, your energy and your life.

As you look at your very own artwork you will be reminded of who you are at soul level and to know:

  • That every stroke of the brush that created the art, represents every step you have take to becoming YOU,

  • That every part of the texture you feel as you run your hands across it, is part of the very texture of your life, the ups and downs on your journey, bringing you to the NOW. 

  • That every colour you see are colours that bring you to life, that feed your chakras, and light you up

  • That the fragrance diffused is mirrored in the roll on blend that accompanies the art, so that when you roll it upon your skin and breathe it in with intention, you will be reminded of the fragrance of life, as those oils diffuse into every cell of your body, to continue the healing process. 


The complete package of Art work on 40 X 40 cm canvas, video and rollerball is 279 euros.

Postage and packaging will be added to the final price.
Please message me first prior to purchase with your name and address, I will come back to you with a quote for postage. 

Payment via PayPal or Stripe, possibility to pay in 2 or 3 installments

On reception of full payment I will create your artwork.That moment I start will be a caling from your soul as the right moment. 

Once I have completed your artwork I will notify you and send to you within a week of completion. 

I look forward to connecting with you!


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