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empower your life in France

Take your French and your French life to the next level

"A French course like no other. Nicky has created a unique blend of tapping into creativity to help you improve your French AND understand how to get the most out of your life in France. She creates a warm and safe atmosphere that encourages practice, whatever your level of French. Prepared to get lost in a world of learning and self-discovery. Highly recommended. Jo heath April 2024

Would definitely recommend the Intensive French Workshop run by Nicky. It was a very positive experience, using creative mediums and working on inner feelings and emotions to help re-balance and move forward with life in France. It helped me unblock why I don't speak in French much even though I can read and write in French ok, but speaking terrified me. Maisie  Davies April 2024

Feeling unsure speaking French? 

Passionate about personal development?

Curious about creativity?

Maybe this course is just what you need!

You've moved to France away from the rat race of the UK (or elsewhere), and finally you're here, you've got your chickens, living in the countryside, enjoying the peace and quiet and then the honeymoon period is over....
You'd love to talk more to your neighbours, really integrate with French society but you don't feel confident enough, you want REAL conversations, not just communicating through Google Translate, hand signs and broken words. AND you  do something with all this free time. Yes you're taking French lessons, it's going in, but somehow those words come out in a muddle, or jsut don't feel confident speaking them. 
And all that FREE time.
There's something you WANT to be doing, but you don't know WHAT, something more than just sitting in the garden. It's as if moving here has allowed you to leave behind all the "shoulds" - "should have a proper job", "should have the right car", "I shouldn't do things just for pleasure" and all the rest of them.
Moving here as freed up space in your life to finally live from your heart, to do what you've always wanted to do...but what was it?
"What do I REALLY want to do?"

"What am I here for?"

"Surely there's SOMETHING ELSE to life?"

And this course is set to help with ALL of the above...and so much more. 



This unique and innovative course is designed to give you confidence speaking French whilst opening up to your own innate creativity as well as improving your life in France. It's about stepping into YOU, finding YOU that got lost back home through work and having to just live.  It's also designed to release all those fears and judgements speaking French, a safe space to open up, be you and speak French, make mistakes, laugh. There's an alchemy that happens when a small group of women support each other on a journey.

During the course we look at where you are right now in your life and where you want to be, all from an emotional perspective,  through creative expression and art journaling, whilst bringing in the magic of essential oils to the creative process to shift emotions and gain clarity on your journey.


We'll also go in much deeper into all areas of your life, look at how you want to FEEL, all from an emotional point of view, and of course all in French. We'll be creating, witing, painting, cutting and sticking, there'll be conversation, deep discussions, laughter and maybe tears, all of this in a safe atmosphere away from any judgement. A place to be able to open up, dare, try, and  experiment with French, creativity, and possibilities.

The following is a breakdown of the course:

Day 1 Getting to know each other, creative expression

Day 2 Where are you now in your life, art journaling

Day 3 Life assessment, painting with essential oils

Day 4 Releasing the limitations, burning ceremony 

Day 5 Creative expression, affirmations, word board

Day 6 Emotiv Board creation


The course is  a magical mix of creative discovery, French, and personal development, binded together with energy, emotion and spirituality. 
Below is a wordcloud of what clients have said about how they felt at the end of each day:


Here's what else they have said about the course:

"Gone from being anxious at the beginning, to feeling relaxed and positive; +; need to embrace spiritual side more and be free of negative. I CAN speak French. Starting a new chapter."
"Arrived feeling open to possibilities, pleasantly surprised at the spiritual content

Learning about self, how you really are through emotions and dreams."

"Relaxed and reflective, ready to embrace new life, learn new things, open doors to see what is behind each one, enjoy nature, enjoy life, wonderful experience."

"Feeling of belonging, so much laughter alongside the learning which created an enjoyable atmosphere among old friends walking the path together."


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