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Elsyian Bottle
  • Elsyian Bottle

    This uniquely distinctive bottle is a visual delight, showcasing a vibrant spectrum of colors, including shades of purple, green, red, blue, and gold, all complemented by a captivating texture. It finds its perfect place either adorning an altar or gracing your home, infusing it with enchantment, radiance, and happiness.

    Whether you choose to fill it with a mystical elixir or a cherished memento, or simply leave it as it is, this is the kind of bottle that reveals something new every time you pick it up. What mysteries will you uncover?

    With dimensions of 17 cm in height and a 6 cm diameter, where will you choose to showcase this exquisite piece?

    If this bottle resonates with you, don't hesitate, as it's genuinely one-of-a-kind. It arrives with a vintage heart embellishment and an uplifting message, promising to inject a dose of joy back into your life. Embrace it, and you'll be delighted you did.


    Elysian is used to convey a sense of paradise, serenity, and utopia,  a state of being or a place that is truly delightful and free from troubles.


    Not dishwasher safe, nor microwave safe
    Decorated in acrylic paints, and alcohol inks, please do not dishwash nor soak. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth. The insdie can be washed and rinsed. 

      39,00 €Prix
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