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Enchanted Creations

Enchanted Wood Bottle
  • Enchanted Wood Bottle

    This enchanted bottle is ready to bring magic into your home. Whether you'd love to fill it with your favourite potion, elixir or simply showcase it to bring sparkle to your life, this bottle is waiting for awaits your attention. Totally unique, and one of a kind, it also comes with a little message to uplift you. 
    Decorated in acrylic, porcelaine and glass paint, in hues of mystical gold and green, this upcycled bottle stands at 17cm tall, 6cm wide and is begging to be touched with its captivating texture.


    Not dishwasher safe, nor microwave safe.
    Decorated in acrylic paints, and alcohol inks, please do not dishwash nor soak. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth. The inside can be washed and rinsed

      39,00 €Prix
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