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Soul Art Reading

Experience the transformative power of Intuartiv healing art, an embodiment of your personal journey that continues to resonate with healing fragrance, energy, and vibration long after it is received.

Each artwork encapsulates the profound impact of every step, triumph, and challenge that has shaped your path and brought you to this significant moment.

Immerse yourself in a piece of art that reconnects you with your authentic self, reminding you of your soul's essence through the exploration of the six senses.

"I just watched the painting film for myself. I took a photo after each layer. This one is just impressive because there is a blossoming face in the middle. I just received a healing actually by watching the video . It is amazing. I experienced a feeling of calm and appeasement after the ancestors were mentioned in the video. And now I am just zen. Want to go to sleep. But yesterday was a magic day until the end and I changed perspective, it's very clear to me. Wow, I can't believe it yet. "MG   (translated from French)

pink an turquoise painting by Nicky Howard

Allow me to share the essence of Intuartiv Expression.

Intuartiv Expression, a unique creation of mine, offers a profound way to paint intuitively. By combining layers of paint with high vibrational essential oils, I establish a deep connection with the soul and subconscious, fostering emotional healing.

When you acquire a piece of Senorial Healing Art, you gain more than a mere painting to adorn your walls. It becomes your personal healing journey, a gateway to your soul experienced through the six senses:

  1. Sight: Colors that visually communicate and evoke emotions.

  2. Touch: Textures that engage your sense of touch, stimulating sensations.

  3. Smell: Fragrance of the oils, allowing you to breathe in their healing essence.

  4. Sound: Messages I receive, spoken in a video, guiding you intuitively.

  5. Intuition: Transmitted through my paintbrush, connecting with your inner wisdom.

  6. Transformation: A taste of healing as you undergo a profound metamorphosis.

By embracing Senorial Healing Art, you embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and emotional well-being.

Once you've purchased a session, I prepare myself at my art table, tuning into your energy, and allowing the paint to work its magic. As I delve into your soul, I intuitively grasp the messages it wishes to convey. I explore the areas of your life where you may feel stuck, delving into your past, energy, and emotions, working to release fears and blocks, infusing the art with transformative healing energy.

Throughout this process, everything is recorded as I openly share my feelings, insights, and visions that manifest within the painting. The act of Intuartiv Expression, for me, is a profound connection with the Divine and your soul, with the paintbrush acting as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. An alchemical process unfolds, creating a transformative journey as the paint becomes imbued with the healing energy of the Divine.

By experiencing this sacred process, you embark on a transformative encounter that reaches deep within, offering healing, guidance, and a profound connection with your soul's essence.

In the process of painting, I intuitively incorporate high vibrational essential oils into the mix. Guided solely by intuition, with closed eyes, I select these Divine Oils. They serve as messengers from your soul, revealing areas where emotions are trapped and facilitating their release. Moreover, these oils infuse your energy with their healing properties, weaving their transformative magic within the spiritual and emotional realms of your being.

Upon completing the painting, I proceed to read the oracle cards that were drawn at the beginning of our session. This allows me to delve deeper into the emotions embedded within the infused oils, providing a comprehensive understanding of your life from an emotional perspective.

The entire process, encompassing painting, oil integration, oracle card reading, and emotional exploration, can take up to two hours. Each moment is meticulously captured and compiled into a personalized recording, which will be sent to you alongside the completed painting. This recording offers you the opportunity to witness your painting's evolution, listen to the insights shared, and experience the transformative journey unfold before your eyes.

Upon your experience with Intuartiv Expression, you will receive:

  1. Your personalized painting: A unique artwork crafted specifically for you, available as a 40 x 40 cm canvas. If you desire a different format, please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know your preferences.

  2. A comprehensive video recording: The entire process, from its inception to completion, will be captured and shared with you as a private YouTube link. Alternatively, if you prefer, the video can be delivered via WeTransfer for your convenience.

  3. A roller blend of essential oils: A specially created blend of the essential oils used in your painting will be included. This roller blend comes with an accompanying intention, providing you with a harmonious and intentional means of incorporating the oils into your daily routine.

  4. Emotional benefits explanation: You will also receive a detailed explanation of the emotional benefits associated with the specific essential oils used in your painting.

Pricing Details:

The complete package, which includes the artwork on a 40 x 40 cm canvas, the video recording, and the rollerball blend, is priced at 279 euros. Please note that postage and packaging costs will be added to the final price. To receive an accurate quote for postage, kindly send me a message with your name and address.

Payment can be made through PayPal or Stripe, and there is also the option to pay in 2 or 3 installments for your convenience. Please contact me first prior to purchase

Once you have made the full payment, I will commence the creation of your artwork. The initiation of this process will be guided by a calling from your soul, indicating that the right moment has arrived.

Upon completing your artwork, I will notify you and ship it to you within one week of its completion.

I am eagerly looking forward to connecting with you and embarking on this transformative journey together!

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