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Language immersion 

Immerse yourself in the French language At Maison la roche gite

4 day workshop to transform your life...
And your french

What people have said about the course:

"We forget it's about French when we're enjoying ourselves so much"
"I feel more positive, and lighter already"
"It's so much more than French. I can finally give myself permission to paint for the fun of it, and to open up to my spirituality"
" I already feel more confident in French"

"I can finally accept myself as I am"

"I accept where I am on my learning French journey, that I CAN speak French already"

" I feel safe to fully express myself, both in French and express who I am"


Join us for a transformative 4-day language retreat immersed in French, personal development, creativity, and essential oils.

Experience 4 days where we embark on a journey together to create the life you desire while upleveling your French skills.

Each day is filled with speaking, writing, and singing in French, as well as immersive creative activities.

Here’s a glimpse of a typical day:

Start the day with a reflective moment to share our feelings and experiences.

Dive into the morning with a fun activity : listening to a French song, filling in the lyrics, and singing along together (don’t worry, we’ll turn up the music so you can belt it out!).

Engage in conversational French activities, discussing various topics in pairs, and getting to know each other through questions, simple words, or photos.

Prepare and enjoy a delicious French lunch together, following authentic recipes and soaking up the sunshine outdoors.

After lunch, take a leisurely stroll to rejuvenate and sing the morning’s song once more to awaken our energy.

Dive into a creative activity such as art journaling, where we explore painting emotions or finding inspiration from photos.

Conclude the day by exchanging thoughts and reflections in French about our creative endeavours.

Wrap up the day with a workshop on essential oils and emotions, learning how to harness their power for holistic well-being.

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