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The Art of Expression

Creativity is at the base of a majority of what I can offer you and it isn't just for fun! ( although it isn part of it!). As a self trained artist, I use art to lift people up, gain clarity and heal, and to help people see that we are ALL born creators. Give a child a crayon and they will draw without even thinking "I'm not an artist" or "I'm not good enough", they just do it. How happy is a child when they are given some paints? We are also creating life through our thoughts and actions and EVERYTHING you see around you has been created by someone, starting from a simple thought. 
Along my journey with art and language I also realised that it has a HUGE place in language aquisition and it isn't by chance I have combined them.

How does creativity fit in with languages?

When we learn our mother tongue, we absorb the language globally through seeing, hearing and living with the language, we absorb it through emotions and feelings and thn start to speak the odd word. We can say, in very simple terms that we absorb through the right brain. 

Once this language is absorbed it is then " passed on" to the left brain to be sorted into grammar, structure and pattern. Think of playing with lego bricks then sorting them into colour, shape and size. 

When you come to learn a second language such as French, I'm pretty sure that you have been taught the grammar and structure of the language before you were even speaking it. You've been taught French in fact, the wrong way round! Left brain then right brain ( in very simple terms). 

This is where creativity comes in. 

Creativity is a right brained activity. It switches your brain in to a more intuitive, feeling, emotional and global approach and therefore makes the ideal base for language aquisition. 

So how do I bring creativity into languages?

There are of course other benefits of using creativity:

  • The fun factor​

  • The focus is on the activity, not on you, making the moment easier, and less of that feeling of being in the spotlight

  • It opens you up to your own creativity. We are born creative, we are in fact , creators of our own reality.

  • It opens up the opportunity to learn and use a wider range of vocabulary that you wouldn't necessarily touch upon in the classic setting

Creative expression

Creative expression is about the journey not the destination, it's a discovery of your own innate creativity, a way of letting go through the medium, having fun and enjoying the moment. 
This incorporated into my workshops:

  • Creative expression workshops in French where we explore different ways of creating each month speaking French

  • Intensive French courses where Creative expression is used to free up your own creativity to allow a deeper journey

Creative Expression is also part of Intuartiv Expression, a way of expressing through the layering of acrylic paint and the addition of essential oils, resulting in a powerful process through which emotions are released, limitations are identified and clarity is found.
Creative Expression can be found in:

Intuartiv Expression can be found in:

  • Intensive onsite course

  •  12 step Emotiv Board course (French Lavender membership)

Art Journaling

Art journaling is a great way to practise creativity as well as French words. Art journaling connects creativity and emotion and allows a fun way to express through the creative process. With Art journaling there is no rule, no right or wrong way, just your way. Art Journaling is incorporated into:

Emotiv Boards

Have you ever created a Vision Board? Well an Emotiv Board is a variation of the vision board, bringing in an emotional and energetic aspect. When creating vision baords, I used to find them too materialistic, and felt they missed the emotional angle, and so Emotiv Boards were born. Emotiv Boards also work on the concept that the future isn't in front of you, something for you to work towards, but in fact  already within you, and for you to step into it right now in the present moment. Emotiv Boards are about allowing you to step into what is already within you, by FEELING it. 
Emotiv Boards can be found in:


If you would like to open up to your creativity through language, you can find it through:

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