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IntuArtiv Language Coaching

Free the limitations to speaking French and your life through the power of creativity


Intuartiv Expression, an alchemy of the layering of acrylic paint, essential oils and your energy. It has the power to shift blocks, gain clarity and take you on an empowering journey. It taps into the subconscious, bringing the invisible to the surface. Through this transformative process, you gain clarity about limitations holding you back from creating your life in France and from speaking French. It's a powerful journey of self-discovery, where painting is the language to express your innermost thoughts and feelings, leading to healing and personal growth.

Combining Intuartiv Expression, Emotional release and essential oils into sessions to help you release blocks that stop you from speaking French with confidence and fluidity and/or taking your French life to the next level.

Intuartiv Language Coaching is absolutely UNIQUE and innovative.

Why would you need Intuartiv Language Coaching?

think "Clarity, Confidence, Creativity"

  • You speak French but would like more confidence, fluidity and take it to the next level

  • You want to uplevel your French life but feel blocked, unclear or unsure

  • You're afraid to speak French, feel stuck, unabke to move forward or take the first steps

  • You want to open up to your own creativity

Sessions Can be done either in French or English, depending on your level and your needs:​

In French to

  • Increase your vocabulary, touching on emotions, your past, life...

  • Work through blocks and limitations such as the need to speak perfectly, feeling judging, frightened to make a mistake

  • Allows the brain to connect to words and absorb French in a more natural way

  • Gain confidence and fluidity and a fun way

  • Open up to your own creativity

  • Ideal if you want to take your French to the next level, looking for something unique which opens your French up to new realms

Suits people with a higher level of French (B1 upwards)

In English to

  • Gain clarity over limitations about learning French (self judgement self belief, confidence)

  • Gain clarity about creating your life in France , what's stopping you from moving fowards

  • Investigate your own creativity in a safe way

Intuartiv Expression isn't the only activity in this package. 
You will also have Emotion Code sessions to release trapped emotions behind any issues that come up in the sessions, as well as an Essential Emotions Coaching session  to work,through a particular emotion using essential oils. 


What does this journey look like?

The journey will start and end with a coaching session, where we talk about where you are on your journey and your needs. This will be done in English. From there we’ll devise a 3 month program and rhythm that suits you with 6 IntuARTiv sessions, 3 Emotion code sessions, an Essential Emotions session and mid-way, and a closing session in English. You'll come away with an action plan on how to move forward.

This is an intense journey and a deeply rewarding one, whilst also being, fun, creative and sensorial.

What does the destination look like?

Through these 3 months you'll find that you'll

  • Increase confidence and self-assurance in French and in your life

  • Gain clarity on your path

  • Overcome obstacles that stopped you previously

  • Experience a sense of lightness and freedom 

  • Be more aware of recurring blocks and lessons in your life.

  • Have these cycles cleared for a renewed sense of well-being.

What's included
  • 3 months program

  • 6 Intuartiv Language sessions

  • 3 Emotion Code sessions

  • 1 Essential Emotions session

  • Ongoing support with me via WhatsApp

  • Option to purchase sample pack of 10 essential oils

  • Free access to memebrship for the duration of the sessions, with option to opt in to a paid membership at the end of your sessions.

Zero artistic experience or talent required 

Intuartiv Expression is about the journey through the paint, not the end result. Your innate creator will awaken however through the process. You’ll be guided every step of the way. And you’ll love it.

No expensive painting equipment required

All you need are some cheap acrylic paints in a variety of colours, a selection of inexpensive paintbrushes (though you can get creative and use sponges, cutlery, or your fingers too!), and a hairdryer nearby to dry the layers as you go. For the canvas, thick paper or cardboard, preferably around A3 size, will work perfectly. And of course, a jar of water and something to place your paint on, like a plate or tile.

No essential oils required (though you’re welcome to purchase them here)

When we work with high vibrational essential oils, we are tapping into the powerful energy of plants, and energy knows no bounds of distance or time. During our sessions together, I am able to intuitively pick an oil (which I have available) and guide you to tune into its energy. You'll be amazed at the positive shift you can experience just by doing this. This energy also works through the essential emotions session, when we tap into the collective energy of the oil to release emotions.
Sample packs can be purchased at an extra charge.

Essential oil sample packs

If you live in France, you'll have the possibility of purchasing 10 essential oils samples, especially selected for your needs which will be discussed in the first session. These will be shipped out to you, with details on the emotions and how to use the oils both in and outside of our sessions together.

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