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Who am I?


Hi, my name is Nicky, I’m currently sitting in in our woodland in the heart of the Charente countryside, with my husband, 13 cats, 5 ducks and 3 beehives living the life I always dreamt of, and that’s helping others through creating and languages.  I've been on quite a journey to arrive at this point where I am helping you on yours.

My love of France started young around the age of 9 when my feet first touched French soil, in Pont Aven in Brittany on holiday, where I also discovered the delicious magic of Breton crêpes, which pancakes don’t even get near!

France became an annual mecca for the holidays, and each time it felt like I was coming was art the age of 12, in ceramic art gallery in Gassin, in The Var, that I realised That I wanted to do art in France…My French Dream. And then went into a career of biochemistry! Of hospital and research labs! Out of default really, not believing you could have career in art and that I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want to study French, I wanted to LIVE it.

To cut a long story short, I moved to Nantes, France in 2001 with 2 little children in tow. And my now ex French husband and father of our daughters. Speaking French was a whole new ball game when speaking to Mums at the school gates.
I started working as a language training and coaching with adults in an incredible Avant Garde language school which changed my life and made me who I am today. I stayed there for over 13 years and loved every moment. It was there that I knew that language coaching was “my thing”.

Image by Ryan Klaus

Divorced in 2010 I started my own unique journey within in France, only to be guided by the Divine just prior to lockdown to move back to the UK and give up my French dream! I gave up everything – home, job, cats, family, life and moved back with just 30 small boxes! Bye, bye France.  In had to make peace with being English, something I had rejected all my life since that age of 9 (must have been the crêpes!). Well 4 months later I moved back to France, in Charente to be with my now husband! Life takes us on mysterious turns!

During this time, I also became a certified emotion code practitioner and developed my own innate creativity, later creating IntuARTiv Expression and Emotiv Boards.  

I’ve thrown all my tools and life experience, (well except the biochemistry, but we never know!) into one bag to help you take a much easier journey to your Dream French Life.

Image by Elena Kloppenburg

One last thing! Why so much lavender on my website?!

  • Lavender has been an obsession since what seems forever, with every house needing lavender in the garden to make it feel like home.

  • It also symbolises Provence which is where I felt my French Dream and where my heart lies

  • Lavender is me in a plant - the colours, it's healing properties and exists in both French and English forms. I

  • also work with plant  medicine and essential oils and lavender essential oil is all about communciation and living and expressing your truth. 

Lavender is the essence of who I am and what I do!

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