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The journey to you with Emotiv Boards

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Welcome to this transformative course that guides you in shaping your life through energy and emotion. Emotiv Boards 2.0 takes the orignal course to a new, more creative level, truly opening you up to your own creativity whilst being the creator of your life. Have you ever envisioned aligning your life with the true desires of your soul? Do vision boards feels too materialistic for you? Are you ready to unveil your inner creator? This journey takes you from your current state to where you aspire to be, inviting you on an introspective journey to unveil your authentic self and discover your soul’s desires. Unlike traditional visions of success, which often involve external achievements, this course focuses on tapping into the emotions inherent in your future self. Your dreams are not distant aspirations; they are manifestations of what resides within you. Emotiv Boards delve into the essence — capturing the vibration, emotion, and energy of your being. The course takes you on a creative journey to your true aligned self, culminating in the creation of your Emotiv Board, a unique method for visualizing a future that already exists within you. What the Course Offers: • Access to a private group, Arise, for exchange, support, connection, and sharing • Weekly group Zoom calls for celebrating victories and fostering a supportive community • Creative and empowering monthly assignments • Intuartiv Expression Basic Course Benefits: • Feel lighter, clearer, more positive, at peace • Your vibration is raised, creating shifts in your life • Feel more aligned to who you really are • Your inner creator is awakened • Blocks and fears are released • Feel more in tune with your intuition • Know that the future IS yours, and that you have everything you need inside of you Unlock the transformative power within you. Your future is not a distant horizon; it’s a realm waiting to be explored within you.

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ARISE, 34,00 €/month


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