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All my services are designed with one aim in mind:
To help you release blocks to live your life as your most empowered, authentic YOU
Image by Phạm Chung 🇻🇳

Emotion Code

Release trapped emotions behind mental, emotional and physical issues that slow you down and hinder you, clearing your path to live youe life to its fullest potential. 






Intuartiv Expression

An alchemic combination of intuitive painting and essential oils to release emotions, raise your vibration, and release your inner creator. Creative transformation in its most powerful form.

Emotiv Boards.png

Emotiv Coaching

Take your life to the next level to live a more authentic soul aligned life.  An empowering course to shift your vibration, releasing blocks on the path of self discovery and creating your own Emotiv Board. A powerful visual board based on energy and emotion.

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