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Transformational Emotiv Coaching Program

Image by Roxxie Blackham

Take your life to the next (soul) level and
Live a more authentic soul aligned life

If you have arrived here, I imagine that you are looking to improve your life in some way. Maybe you feel stuck, unable to move forward, unsure of your next step or direction or that you feel life could be better than it is, that you want to feel more in alignment with who you really are at soul level. 

You've come to the right place!
You see my soul's desire is to help you release those blocks and fears, to help you clear your path so that you can live your life fully to your soul's desire. To help you live YOUR mission to make this world a better place. 

I am so glad you found me!

Who do I love to work with?

  • Women who are on a mission to live a better, more authentic life, live their soul's desire to make this world a better place.

  • Women who WANT to change, who are motivated to help themselves

  • Women who are curious and open to alternative healing therapies, maybe you even work with alternative therapies 

  • You might also be wanting to reignite your creativity.


What can I offer you?

A 12 step program based on emotions, energy, vibration to ​Release blocks, fears through creative and personal development activities with the focus on the emotions and feelings of your most authentic soul aligned life

This 1 to 1 program includes:

  • Creation of your very own Emotiv' Board

  • Intuartiv Expression Crash course

  • Free 1 hour Emotion Code session with me

  • 12 x 1 hour coaching calls with me, flexible hours agreed together 

  • Ongoing support from me between sessions via email

Have you ever created a vision board?
Did it leave you feeling something was missing, that it just didn't seem aligned to YOU?

Well rest assured, this ISN'T a vision board!

  • We won't be cutting out pictures of wanting houses, cars, handbags, or travel! We WILL be finding images that makes your soul sing, and that could

  • This isn't about making 6 figure salaries, living in mansions. 

  • It's about your SOUL, living a happier, more authentic life 


Emotiv Boards are what you have been missing!

We work with our heart, tapping into intuition, vibration, energy, emotion. Emotiv Boards are a whole new concept, working from the inside to out. This isn't about attracting a new life, it's about tapping into your soul's desire, your soul's vibration and stepping into it. It's about bringing what is already within you and bringing it out. Everything you are, is already inside of you.
Vision boards are very much based on the material, on wanting, and they have flaws: On those down days, when you’re feeling negative, low, tired, you look at your board, you feel useless, not having manifested what’s on your board, emphasising what you haven’t got, achieved, or done. When you HAVE manifested your board, you are left wanting more, and so end up doing another board, always taking you on to the next dream. They focus on what you THINK you want. Not what is right for you.


Emotiv Boards are VASTLY different.
They are based on emotion, energy, and vibration. When you look at them, they immediately make you FEEL good, they lift your vibration. They are set at the emotion and vibration of where you want to be, the FEELING of that place, at the vibration that your soul knows is where you can be.

emotiv board.jpg

During the 12 weeks, we work on those emotions, feelings, and vibration, tapping into that place your soul knows is best for you. However, that place isn’t somewhere unobtainable in the future, it’s right deep within in, it’s your soul’s calling. It’s the soul’s blueprint, map. It’s about stepping into the real, authentic, soul aligned YOU, stripping away all that doesn’t serve you to reveal the best soul you.

Intuartiv Expression painting forms the backbone of the program, a powerful and sensorial tool I developed myself, using the layering of acrylic paints to which we add Doterra High vibrational essential oils to help release emotional blocks as well as release the creator within. Other creative and personal development tools are also used to make this journey a fun, and empowering experience, ending with the creation of your own Emotiv Board.


  • Feel lighter, clearer, more positive, energised

  • Your vibration is raised, creating shifts in your life

  • Feel more aligned to who you really are 

  • Your inner creator is awakened

  • Blocks and fears that stop you moving forward are released

  • Feel more in tune with your intuition

  • Feel happier, more at peace, more present right now

  • Know that the future IS yours, and that you have everything you need inside of you

How much is it?

This  individual 12 Week program is worth 1199$ (possible to pay in installments, just message me)

This includes:

  • 12 1 to 1 Sessions with me (worth $960)

  • Free Emotion Code session (worth $70)

  • Intuartiv expression crash course (worth $279)

  • Ongoing support from me 

However, I am charging just $693

(with the possibility to pay installments)

Now, the question is what about the oils?
Isn't that more expense to pay out?

Well guess what? 

 You can have your oils for Free!


I am offering you the Home essentials kit worth $360 for FREE!


So, in fact this course is worth $1549,
but for you it will 
cost just $693, a saving of $856!

Over 55% discount!

Why, you may ask, am I being SO generous?

The reason is, I have seen, felt and heard the incredible power of these oils for shifting emotions as well physical issues.

I know that for you to get FULL benefit of this transformational program you are going to need the right tools, the ones that do the job.
Using lower frequency, high street oils would be like using canned veg in a 5 star Michelin meal, or putting budget tyres on a Formula 1 Racing car! You'd get the smell for sure, but you wouldn't get the power of the emotional work these oils do. I want to encourage you and your dearest to benefit from these incredible oils, because I KNOW what they can do for you. If I kept this for myself, I would feel like I was cheating you. 

But not only this! I also know just how much you are going to benefit from having these 10 oils at home for your and your family's health and wellness as well being able to use them for pleasure around the home. 

With this program you will walk away with:

  • Transformation and clarity

  • Your own Emotiv Board and symbol

  • A free Emotion Code session

  • Intuartiv Expression experience, a tool to use whenever you feel you need to work on emotions, feel anxious, blocked

  • A kit of 10 Divine oils (Peppermint, Oregano, tea Tree, Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, and Doterra Blends of On Guard, Breathe, Deep Bue, and Zengest)

  • A diffuser

  • AND continued coaching and support from me on using your oils

Now THAT'S an offer you CANNOT refuse!


All there is to do is go to my website, enroll as a Wholesale customer (and get 25% of all purchase) to buy your kit (I can help you), and the price will be deducted from your program fee!

If you enroll as a Wellness Advocate, you will receive 50% discount on 3 Emotion Code sessions! ($90 instead of $180).  Once you have paid for your kit I will invoice you with the balance to pay (possibility to pay in installments)

There is also available as a group course (more information here) which includes:

  • A private Facebook group

  • 12 Group Zoom calls (normally on a Saturday)

  • A group limited to 10 places

  • A 30 minute free Emotion Code session

This 12 Step group program costs $493 and once again it includes the price of the Home Essentials kit. Once you have purchased your kit I will invoice you with the remaining balance, and possibility to pay in installments, if required. Once I have received the first installment you will be added to the private Facebook group. 

I can't wait to connect with you!

Transformative, fun, sensorial, intuitive and creative in 12 steps!

Are you ready to take the step and make the shift?

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