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Emotiv Coaching Program

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Take your life to the next (soul) level and
Live a more authentic soul aligned life

Welcome, if you've landed here, it's likely that you're seeking to enrich your life in some way.
Whether you feel stuck, at a crossroads, uncertain about your next steps, or desire a more fulfilling existence that aligns with your true self at a soul level, you've come to the right place.

Are you ready to step into the land of dreams, where everything and anything is possible? Not those dreams of mansions and material. The TRUE dreams, the one your soul is yearning to experience. The ones  of passion, creativity, joy, imagination.  The ones that make your soul sing.


I am your guide on this journey, I'm here to help you break free from any barriers and fears that may be holding you back, clearing your path so that you can fully embrace your soul's desires. If you can believe it you can create it. And that’s because those deep desires are already in the realm of your energy field just waiting to be expressed. This isn’t setting goals and striving towards them. This is about tapping into what’s already there, and stripping away that which is blocking you from being it. And it’s all about energy and emotion.

Are you ready to step up into this magical kingdom that is already yours?

Are you:

  • Dedicated to living a better and more authentic life, with a strong desire to contribute to making the world a better place?

  • Eager for change and possess the motivation to take charge of your personal growth?

  • Are you open-minded and curious about exploring alternative healing therapies?

  • Curious about opening up to your innate creativity, and intuition?

  • Want to be more in the flow rather than striving?


Then welcome to the enchanted kingdom of your soul dreams. where you’ll embark on a journey of growth, healing, and self-discovery, unlocking your true potential and aligning with your soul's purpose. I'm excited to be your guide on this path of transformation and empowerment, where you'll unlock your own personal magic.

What can I offer you?

This magical journey is available within, Arise, our community of likeminded, magical souls like you where each month a new chapter of the journey is unfolded for you, in the form of creative activities, inner work, and contemplative exercises in the form of art journaling, looking at where you right now and then taking the journey within to feel into your truest potential, with the destination being the Emotiv Board, an energetic and emotional version of the outdated vision boards.

You'll be able to work through at your own pace, whilst being able to connect with other souls who are on their journey with you.  This is also means that the cost of the course is split into monthly payments, making it more accessible.

The course is totally unique, innovative and empowering. Not only will it transform your life, it will awaken the creator within, the creator that is innate within you.

You will craft your very own Emotiv' Board, a powerful visual tool that will help you step into the vibration of your deepest desires and aspirations.

As part of the course you'll have the opportunity to access for free,  the Intuartiv Expression introductory Course: which forms the base of the crerative side of the Emotiv Board course.

As part of the community you’ll also be eligible for a monthly Emotion Code session to release those emotions that are holding you back


  • Feel lighter, clearer, more positive, energised

  • Your vibration is raised, creating shifts in your life

  • Feel more aligned to who you really are 

  • Your inner creator is awakened

  • Blocks and fears that stop you moving forward are released

  • Feel more in tune with your intuition

  • Feel happier, more at peace, more present right now

  • Know that the future IS yours, and that you have everything you need inside of you

Have you ever created a vision board?

Did it leave you feeling something was missing, that it just didn't seem aligned to YOU?

Well rest assured, this ISN'T a vision board!

  • We won't be cutting out pictures of wanting houses, cars, handbags, or travel!
    We WILL be finding images that makes your soul sing, and that could simply be colours!

  • The aim isn't about making 6 figure salaries, living in mansions. 

  • It's about your SOUL, living a happier, more authentic life, living in line with your soul desires

  • We tune in to the energy, emotion and vibration of your soul's desire


Emotiv Boards are what you have been missing!

We work with our heart, tapping into intuition, vibration, energy, emotion. Emotiv Boards are a whole new concept, working from the inside to out. This isn't about attracting a new life, it's about tapping into your soul's desire, your soul's vibration and stepping into it. It's about bringing what is already within you and bringing it out. Everything you are, is already inside of you.

You can find out more about them in my blog post he

Included in the program:

  • An introduction to Intuartiv Expression

  • We look at where you are right now on an emotional level

  • We also look at where you want to be

  • Beliefs and blocks are addressed as well as mindset

  • The course is based on art journaling, incorporating mixed media, Intuartiv Expression and creative expression.

  • We take a deep dive into your soul, a journey through emotions and creativity

  • You'll also have the opportunity for Emotion Code sessions to release what's holding you back

This 12 step program will be available as part of the ARISE community to allow you to spread the cost whilst benefiting from a community of women just like you who are passionate about personal growth and opening up their innate creativity.

Here's what people have said about the course:


"I've invested in soooo many courses over the years for my career & self development (from life coaching & pain management to additional needs & mental health first aid). Nothing EVER came close to the transformation I experienced through working with the Queen of emotions & Creator of IntuARTiv Expression, Nicky Howard. Forever grateful we connected, she's AMAZING & I highly recommend her coaching programs to all."

“This journey that I have been on within this course. Things that just started happening. I've got hope again with regards to my health. I just I'm lost for words to be honest. Thank you. And I can't wait to paint again! I've done a lot of courses studies a lot of different things, but nothing I could have done has affected me like this has, nothing that I’ve ever done I’ve ever completed within this short space of time. I don’t believe there is anything else out there that I could have done personally could have affected me the way this has done. It's an amazing journey from start to finish really has thank you. Thank you for that.” Lisa B

Are you ready to take the journey?
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