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Emotional Release

The body communicates through the language of emotions, expressing our inner feelings. Emotions are essentially energy in motion, and when they become stuck within us, due to supression, disregard or trauma they can manifest as physical, mental or emotional distress. They can also hinder our progress in life, generating a sense of stagnation or being unable to move forward. In order to release the pain or move forwards, we need to release the emotions. This can be done either via Emotional clearing using Emotion Code or with the use of essential oils. Click on the image below to find out more.

Image by nine koepfer

Emotional clearing
Session via zoom

A form of energy medicine, through muscle testing trapped negative emotions are identified and released.

Let go of trapped emotions that weigh you down and hinder your progress, allowing yourself to move forward with greater ease and freedom. 


Essential Emotions Coaching via zoom

We delve into the power of plant medicine through essential oils.
Doterra essential oils help you delve in to buried emotions and patterns and work with you to release them in a powerful and transformative way

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