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IntuARTiv French


Intuartiv Expression (see here for more information) is a powerful combination of creative expression and essential oils to release fears and blocks. 

It's the ideal tool to allow you to work through those blocks and fears connected to speaking French. 

  • Creative painting in language learning facilitates a more organic approach to acquiring language skills, opening up the brain to natural learning processes.

  • It provides ample opportunities for conversation, expanding and enriching your vocabulary in diverse ways.

  • Through creative painting, you can address specific language learning challenges such as feeling judged, fear of getting it wrong or not being understood, in a unique and imaginative manner

  • Incorporating essential oils in the process adds an emotional dimension, aiding in the exploration and resolution of emotions related to language learning.

  • Most importantly, the focus shifts from yourself to the paper, allowing the process of creative expression to take center stage, promoting a sense of freedom and detachment.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of Intuartiv Expression in your journey with the French language and would like to explore this method further, I recommend you to book a free session with me. This will allow you to personally experience and assess whether Intuartiv Expression aligns with your language learning goals and preferences.

There are 2 ways it can be integrated into your language journey:

1.You want to express yourself more easily in your target language

INTUARTIV EXPRESSION 10 weeks to more confidence and fluidity Ideal if you want to find new ways to speak with more fluidity whilst exploring creativity.(Zero artistic experience needed!)

Unlock your full potential in French with our comprehensive 12-week program designed to boost your confidence in speaking the language. This all-inclusive package includes:

  • Intuartiv Expression: Utilize the power of Intuartiv Expression as both a tool for exploring subconscious patterns and a fun, creative way to practice French.

  • Learn tools and learning techniques tailored to your natural information processing style, enabling you to absorb French more effectively.

  • These sessions can be conducted online or at my studio, providing a unique opportunity to integrate language practice with the realm of creative expression. Discover an exciting approach that will:

  • Boost your confidence and fluency in speaking French.

  • Expand your vocabulary.

  • Enhance your overall linguistic skills.

  • Unleash your potential by addressing inhibitions and fears.

  • Tackle specific challenges in your language journey head-on.

  • Embrace your inner artist and tap into your creative energy.

  • Experience a newfound sense of lightness and freedom permeating all aspects of your life.

  • One session of Emotion Code is included ddress specific blocks related to language acquisition and release trapped emotions hindering your progress.


A sample pack of 10 high vibrational essential oils connected to language aquistion is included in the price and will be available for you in person for your own personal use or sent to you (if you live in Europe). Find out more about the oils here

Book a free discovery session with me. Non strings attached!
In this session you can ask me questions, see if the course is right for you and about your language issues. From there, if you feel we both feel that it is the right way forward, we can put your course in place.

2.Take a deeper dive, improve your target language and your life. 

EMOTIV BOARD 12 week mastery course

Delve Deeper: Experience a profound transformation in your language learning journey as you release blocks and creatively visualize your ultimate goal in speaking French


If you're eager to unravel your inner obstacles and gain profound insights, as well tangiably visualise where you would like to be in regards to speaking French, the Emotiv Board course, unique in its kind, might pique your interest. This transformative course delves into examining your beliefs, learning style, self-perception, and goals. It culminates with the Emotiv Board — an innovative twist on vision boards that integrates emotions and energy. Brace yourself for a powerful,
life-changing experience that not only revolutionizes your perspective on language learning but also has the potential to transform your entire life.
This course can be done in your native mother tongue or in French, depending on your level and desire. This is not a language learning course but looking at HOW you learn, giving you the keys to a greater awareness of your mindset related to language.

To find out more about Emotiv Boards check out this article.

  • Immerse yourself in a transformative 12-week course where you will delve into beliefs, affirmations, and mindset related to language learning. Gain clarity on your current language proficiency and envision your desired language skills.

  • Experience daily practices and mindset exercises to support your language journey.
  • Engage in empowering Intuartiv Expression sessions that tap into your creative potential.
  • Weekly "me time" activities designed for personal growth and language development.

  • Benefit from regular weekly calls or in-person sessions to discuss your progress and address any challenges along the way.

  • Create your personalized Emotiv Board, a powerful tool aligning emotions and energy with your language goals.

  • Includes one session of Emotion Code to work on a specific issue

Book a free discovery session with me. Non strings attatched! 

In this session you can ask me questions, see if the course is right for you and about your language issues. From there, if you feel we both feel that it is the right way forward, we can put your course in place.

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