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Book Club

book club

A Book Club with a difference, where we read lout loud to the group!

Do you rememebr the pleasure of being read to or reading out loud in class? I don't think many people have done that since school. With reading out loud you:

  • Gain confidence speaking

  • Work through pronounciation issues

  • Hear how others pronounce words

  • Absorb the language more naturally

  • Can work on intonation

And of course all done in a relaxed atmosphere that is non judgemental, and where laughter, community  and connection thrive. 

What type of books will we be working with?

For the intermediate level, I have decided to go for books such as short stories written with French learners in mind, or conversational dialogues for French learners around everyday situations. The books I am looking at are written in typical rather than classroom French. You never know we might even be able to act them out in a fun way!

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